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Perspectives on mobile delivery - case study


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Case study section of the presentation by Gill Needham at University of Bath on 12th July.

Published in: Technology, Education, Business
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Perspectives on mobile delivery - case study

  1. 1. Perspectives on mobile delivery Case study Cake and conversation: the power of a library in your hand
  2. 2. Mobilising Open University Library Services: the story so far….Gill Needham, Associate Director (Information Management& Innovation) The Open University Library
  3. 3. Running fast to keep up
  4. 4. Looking for evidence
  5. 5. Which resources and services would you find most useful to access on a mobile phone? Cambridge University The Open University Opening hours Location map Contact information Library Catalogue (OPAC) Borrowing record Reference collection Electronic journal article Electronic databases Electronic books Study aids/tutorialsList of new books/resources by subject Booking library training sessions 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 % of respondents 2009: Arcadia @ Cambridge
  6. 6. 2007/2008
  7. 7. 2010: monitoring use
  8. 8. Three device model categories Feature and basicHigh end Smart phones web phonesiPhones, Android phones, Blackberry, Nokia Web-enabled flip phonesPalm Pre smartphones, Windows mobile, etc.Large touch screens, May lack touch screen Small screens, low websophisticated web and some CSS and functionalitycapabilities JavaScript capabilities.NCSU Libraries (2010) Library in Your Pocket: Strategies and Techniques for Developing Successful Mobile Services. EduCause.
  9. 9. 2007 to 2010 – single version 2011 version – three device model2011: redevelopment
  10. 10. New mobile One stop search
  11. 11. Mobile OU Library website: v2 (Indevelopment)Recommendations Course(s) based recommendations Similar articles based recommendationsSimilar search terms based recommendations
  12. 12. Mobile OU Library website: v2 (In development)List of mobilesfriendly databases
  13. 13. Mobile OU Library website: v2 (Indevelopment)Web chat
  14. 14. 2012: MACONMobilising Academic ContentOnline1.  Mobile discovery interface (using the EBSCO API)2.  Mobile authentication bookmarklet tool3.  Good practice toolkit for publishers and libraries hashtag: #OUMACON #mlibs
  15. 15. Challenges
  16. 16. Sustainability /
  17. 17. Content
  18. 18. Devices, devices
  19. 19. Access & authentication
  20. 20. What have we learned?
  21. 21. Don’t go it alone..
  22. 22. Other mobile projects at the OUMobile VLE
  23. 23. Chinese characters – first stepsStorytelling app Virtual microscope
  24. 24. …the sincerest form of flattery