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Introducing BookMyne at Birkbeck



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Introducing BookMyne at Birkbeck

  1. 1. Introducing BookMyne at Birkbeck Tim Fletcher Library Technology Innovation Manager Birkbeck, University of London
  2. 2. Background Birkbeck Founded 1823 – Mechanics’ Institution Largely part-time and evening study 20,000 plus students – largely mature and working High research ratings Library Just over 300,000 items Open 08:30-23:45 each day term-time Staffed 10:00-22:30 Increasing usage both in visits and lending
  3. 3. Mobile web survey Jan-Feb 2012 Conducted by Student Services on behalf of various interested departments, including us Library scored very highly Ability renew items 90.2% Access to catalogue 86.3% Access to e-resources also featured in comments. Comments also showed lack of awareness of existing services
  4. 4. Existing mobile access On Horizon Information Portal (HIP) and AquaBrowser there is no specific mobile version You can use the text-only / accessibility versions We also don’t have a mobile version of our web site, but that’s another issue
  5. 5. BookMyne App produced by SirsiDynix for Horizon & Symphony On Horizon it uses web services running on Horizon Information Portal server Very easy to install and get running IoS and Android versions These work differently Fairly unexciting appearance and functionality But it is free!
  6. 6. Low key approach Launched with little fanfare in – a few strategically placed bits on the web site and on the catalogues Looked at what other libraries had done We didn’t want to raise expectations – especially as we had very little control over it We asked for feedback Very little so far
  7. 7. Success? Some take up – we can check logs and visits to the web pages Can see that people have used it and renewed items A few complaints – largely due to how you get it to find us It works via a central listing held by SirsiDynix One big bug discovered which blocks access Reported to SirsiDynix
  8. 8. Next steps Get bug(s) fixed Blocking bug resolved by software update Trying to get some extra customisation At least of display of item record Publicise it more Impact of the Olympics on remote access makes this sort of thing even more important
  9. 9. Thank you @tim_fletcher @BirkbeckLibrary