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Loyalty cards for Passbook/Wallet


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Passbook/Wallet digital loyalty cards for your business will boost your customer interaction and engagement.

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Loyalty cards for Passbook/Wallet

  1. 1. YOUR LOYALTY PROGRAM IN YOUR CUSTOMER’S SMARTPHONE get from HERE to HERE ✓ WITHOUT expensive mobile app ✓ INTERACTIVE - all fields are updatable ✓Perfectly expands your loyalty program
 ✓ In touch with your customers
  2. 2. OPPORTUNITIES & BENEFITS & FOR CUSTOMERS FOR COMPANY Ease of use: scan barcode from the card on the phone same as from regular card New communication channel with customers, way more attractive than sms/text messages Analytics the way YOU need it Safer than just a wallet New offers, coupons, booklets are delivered straight to customer’s phone Card can never be left home or lost. No need to carry the card - it is always in smartphone Gamification increases brand attractiveness, motivation to purchase and loyalty Card can always be recovered from the cloud or email if phone is changed Convenient push-notifications appear when new promo arrives Use power of social networks to promote the card: analyze customers’ profiles and launch referral programs
  3. 3. 97% 50%68% OF MOBILE OS OF AGEOF USERS 97% of mobile devices run iOS or Android, according to Gartner. Hence, almost all your customers, who own smartphone, can be covered with and benefit from this technology. About 50% of all Internet users in Russia aged 35 and below are the most active and technologically advanced mobile users. In addition, ratio of older users increases year on year. 68% of all Internet users in Russia did so from mobile devices at east once. Hence, majority of your customers actively use their smartphones. WHY WOULD YOU NEED THIS? * - Internet audience research by Yandex YOUR CUSTOMERS ALREADY LIVE IN DIGITAL WORLD
  4. 4. A DIGITAL CARD CAN BE…LOYALTY All a plastic card can do, plus much more! With each purchase bonus points are added and discount value is increased when thresholds are reached
 (can be different discount levels for branded products and private label) Your customer gets a personalized offer when certain conditions are met (or when you launch a new campaign) Customer redeems offer/points at checkout POS Depending on redemption of the previous offer, another one may arrive…Loyalty Card becomes the best source to get new offers and have fun for your customers. Share Loyalty Card link in social media, sms/email campaigns, and in-store/outdoor via QR Code 7% discount Your AD here + QR code of your card YOUR Logo
 + points + push updates
  5. 5. A DIGITAL CARD CAN BE…STAMP/PUNCH Easy to play & fun to win! With each purchase a digital stamp is added to customer’s Loyalty Card. Your customer gets an offer when stamp threshold is reached Customer redeems offer at checkout POS Loyalty Card returns to stamp-less card again Share Loyalty Card link in social media, sms/email campaigns, and in-store/outdoor via QR Code
  6. 6. A DIGITAL CARD CAN BE…COUPON Unlike paper one it will always engage customers WEEK 1: Customer gets push-notification and COUPON is updated with an OFFER WEEK 2: Customer gets push-notification and coupon is updated with free SAMPLE WEEK 3: Customer gets push notification and coupon is CONVERTED into Event or Masterclass TICKET/INVITATION WEEK 4: Customer gets push-notification and VIP-Club membership registration link Share Loyalty Card link in social media, sms/email campaigns, and in-store/outdoor via QR Code
  7. 7. A DIGITAL CARD CAN BE…MUCH MORE Other capabilities of Digital Cards Easy registration/enrollment in your loyalty program - no routine paper questionnaires (get the personal data you need (gender, age, phone/email) Prepaid or Gift card - online, quick, easy, and safe! Enroll your customers in the most convenient places - a billboard in their area with YOUR digital card. They will install it immediately and will love to play with! Card will remind to activate itself, get a discount, and not to miss a special offer in the nearest store! Motivate your customers to visit your stores by delivering new booklet to their phones! They will always know you prepared something new! Geotargeting will advise your customers on special promos in various locations (near your stores, or anywhere else you need it) Segmentation by city where your store is helps to deliver city-specific promos Y o u r A D here
  8. 8. TAKEAWAY Thank you for your time and consideration! 3 key points of the project: 1. The logic of this fully digital card can be as flexible as YOU need 2. We have other creative ideas of how to use it and can share experience of other customers of us 3. Yep, it won't require a mobile app on iPhones, and is easy to install and enjoy for end customers (and there’s an app for Android)