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The Changing Face of Activism: the Impact of Technology and New Media


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a presentation by Evgeny Morozov at the World Animal Forum 2008

Published in: Technology, Business
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The Changing Face of Activism: the Impact of Technology and New Media

  1. 1. The Changing Face of Activism The Impact of Technology and New Media by Evgeny Morozov May 23, 2008
  2. 4. Somebody writes all those blogs!
  3. 5. ...and somebody reads them!
  4. 6. Why should you care?
  5. 7. Why micro-publishing matters
  6. 8. It's easier to get your stories out!
  7. 9. From Individuals to Networks
  8. 13. From cloud computing to cloud campaigning probably 95% of your campaigning can be done with existing online tools; don't build new ones!!!
  9. 14. Maps Mash-ups: case-study
  10. 25. ...and 1412 more mash-ups with Google Maps ...336 with Flickr ...239 with YouTube
  11. 26. Don't only think in terms of web-sites!!!
  12. 27. Ringtones
  13. 28. Lifestyle-trackers
  14. 29. ~ 3,3 billion mobile phone subscribers globally The rising role of mobile activism
  15. 30. More than 1,1 billion sold last year worldwide
  16. 31. 97% of people surveyed in Tanzania said they could access a mobile phone, while just 28% could access a land line phone...
  17. 32. Young people in the US 4.2% more likely to vote after an SMS reminder
  18. 33. Global New Year's SMS traffic: 43 billion messages, 30% up from last year
  19. 34. Kenya : only 19% of the country's 36 million people are reached by traditional banking institutions. BUT virtually have access to the mobile phone.
  20. 37. SMS the word 'HIV' to 31771 followed by their post code or town name. Their two nearest testing locations will be SMS'ed back.
  21. 39. EpiSurveyor is a free, open source tool enabling anyone to very easily create a handheld data entry form, collect data on a mobile device, and then transfer the data back to a desktop or laptop for analysis
  22. 45. Leverage your community: crowdsource
  23. 46. What is “crowdsourcing”? ...the act of taking a task traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, and outsourcing it to an undefined, generally large group of people, in the form of an open call
  24. 51. Abandoning the Old Model
  25. 52. From networks of sympathizers to networks of activists