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1000 club your_specific_communication_v1.0.1


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Your Dynamic Circles are automatically updated with the followers matching your criteria of selection (up to three criteria saved for each Dynamic Circle).
This is why we call them ‘Dynamic Circles’ versus ‘Static Circles’ (like on social networks where you need to select and add manually new members to each group, list, etc.).

It means you can promote massively your Website and / or ads to get many followers for being able to communicate massively or to only a few targeted ones (which have updated one or more Dynamic Circles automatically).

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1000 club your_specific_communication_v1.0.1

  1. 1. Your new specific communication powerful tool! Your innovative way to communicate specifically to massive targeted subscribers* Unlimited Subscribers Authorized Subscribers 1. One—c| ick subscribe/ unsubscribe 3. Set up your 15‘ circle of subscribers 2. Self-protection 4. Create Dynamic Circles Automatic Updates Secure Business Walls 5. Save your selection criteria 7. Select 0-3 circles for each ad 6. Change the criteria of your circles 8. Select feeds on your wall “ In contrast to the limited generic communication on social networks.
  2. 2. many new benefits Join for FREE our innovative business platform! 1. Disseminate or not your ads and news articles on the walls of your subscribers. 2. Restrict or not the dissemination to 1-3 groups of subscribers via Dynamic Circles. 3. Your multi-filter criteria select subscribers of your Dynamic Circles. 4. Your Circles Dynamic update themselves automatically with subscribers matching your multi-filter criteria. 5. Send highly confidential private mailings to your subscribers. 6. New followers will automatically access the history of your past feeds (except for those excluded through the selection of Dynamic Circles they are not part). No need to send them again the past feeds. 7. Get more subscribers by massively: - Promoting your l00OC| ub Website, ads and news articles. — Sending invitations to your contacts. 8. Our mantra: Your total freedom with all the options.
  3. 3. Disclosure Features of the global platform business l00OC| ub endeavors to ensure that the information in this document is correct and fairly stated. but does not accept liability for any errors or omissions. This marketing brochure is intended to show you the vision of what we are putting in place to allow you to speed up and secure your business. The main features described in this document are already operational on l00OClub. com. However. they are not yet fully available. Some features are already in development, others (such as eg BIG DATA service) are planned but will be introduced only when we will count millions of members on the platform. We thank you in advance for your understanding and we wish you to enjoy the full benefits already at your service. We define business