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Russia and the usa kursovskaya


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Russia and the usa kursovskaya

  1. 1. Performed by:Kursovskaya EvgeniyaRussia and theUSA
  2. 2. Social aspectsDifferences in Russia.In Russia we lovesocial networkvkontakte.We love listen to westmusic.The some things inthe US and Russia.Both countries havesignificantexperience.Differences in the US.Favorite website iseither facebook.comListen to rock rap andcountry music.
  3. 3. ClimateDifferences in Russia.It’s cold for Six months ayear, and sometimeslonger. Summer is shortand with the rains.The some things in theUS and Russia.In Russia and the US are4 seasons: spring,summer, autumn andwinter. Similar naturalconditions.Differences in the US.The different climaticconditions. The countryhas a large number ofdifferent natural disasters.
  4. 4. MapsDifferences in Russia.In Russia people oftentravel on foot, by car orby bus. In the country isvery poor state of theroads, the city is filledwith transport andfrequent traffic jams.The some things in theUS and Russia.Differences in the US.In the US people travelby car, bike orunderground. It’s acountry of good roadsand the problem oftraffic jams in citiesspreads widely.
  5. 5. GovernmentDifferences in Russia.The Federal Assemblyconsists of twochambers: the upperhouse - the FederationCouncil and the lowerhouse - the State DumaThe some things in the USand Russia.In Russia and the USA thereare 3 branches of authority:legislative, Executive andjudicial. They’ve gotconstitutions,the President isa head of the executiveauthority.Differences in the US.The President is a Head ofthe State.It’s a federal republic.
  6. 6. FoodDifferences in Russia.Russian people prefer toeat home-mate food.We like plov, bakedpotatos, borscht, meatdumplings, salo.The some things in theUS and Russia.Russian andAmerican people liketo eat salad, pizza,some people keep ondiet and countcalories.Differences in the US.They prefer to eatbarbecues, hamburgersand other fast food.Americans like macaroni,cheese, lasagna andItalian food.
  7. 7. EconomyDifferences in Russia.Slow growth ofeconomy.Main products ofexport are rawmaterials: oil, wood,metals.Imports exceedexports.The some things in theUS and Russia.Russia and the USAseconomy is growingsteadily.Russia exports someproducts to the US andthe US exports a lot ofproducts to Russia.Differences in the US.Fast growth of economy.Main products of exportare cars, computers andfood.Export exceeds imports.
  8. 8. HistoryDifferences inRussia.The history ofRussia is richerfor various events,it is more colorfuland eye-opening.The some thingsin the US andRussia.The Cold War.Differences in theUS.American historydims in thecomparison toours.