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  • -The Eternal City\n
  • -Built in 80 AD\n-Colosseum sat 50,000 people in 10 min with 80 entrances.\n
  • -Temple of Saturn\n
  • Trevi Fountain\n
  • -In the Piazza di Spagna are the famous Spanish Steps.\n-On the steps you will see: Caricaturists, old women sell roasted chestnuts, tired tourists take a rest or sunbathe, and guitar players.\n
  • -Triton Fountain\n-Sea creature is blowing on a conch shell. \n
  • -Countryside\n-Very different than north.\n-Food is different than the north because now the animals provide more food. \n-Lamb, pig and seafood are also more common \n
  • -Naples is the 3rd largest city in Italy according to population.\n-It is the biggest city in Southern Italy.\n-Since Naples sits on the bay, its harbor is the most important port in southern Italy. \n-Pizza, spaghetti and seafood are the city’s specialties. \n
  • -Naples is the birthplace of the pizza.\n-Neopolitan pizza cannot be beat.\n-margarita pizza with fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil.\n-Biggest topping is hot dogs.\n-Second biggest is ham and artichokes and then shrimp.\n
  • -Newest pizza topping is nutella. \n-Chocolate and hazelnut spread.\n
  • -The secret is the brick ovens.\n\n
  • -Italy has 2 islands.\n-Sardinia and Sicily.\n-Sometimes people think that Corsica is an island in Italy, but really it’s a region of France. \n-Known for their beaches and rugged landscape perfect for agriculture.\n\n
  • -Directly in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.\n-Mount Etna.\n\n
  • -Mount Etna.\n-Europe’s highest and most active volcano.\n-Located in Catania, Sicily.\n
  • -Both cities have a great amount of historical temples.\n
  • -Many Sicilians like to take a break from their apartment life in town and travel to the countryside of the town where they might own their own private farm. \n-Farms are passed down from male to male in the family, when the owner is too old to take care of it.\n-Farms are pretty much a second home.\n-A little house with a full kitchen and bathroom. \n-Space for relaxation and company.\n-Plenty of holidays are spent here at campagna.\n\n
  • -Farms grow any fruit or vegetable you can think of and more. \n-You can either sell what you grow, or pick it all for your family to cook and enjoy. \n
  • -The owner “grandfather” will pick the vegetables and fruits needed for the extravagant meal.\n-He will also begin burning wood for the brick oven.\n
  • -The wife will usually take control of the main food, in this case it’s pizza and bread.\n-All other relatives will prepare the extras. In this case, the pizza toppings.\n
  • -With adult help, the kids usually will help out by adding the toppings on the pizza. \n-While other relatives wash and prepare the side dishes.\n
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    1. 1. Roma
    2. 2. Coliseum
    3. 3. Te m p i o d i S a t u r n o
    4. 4. Fontana di Trevi
    5. 5. Scalinata della Trinitá dei Monti
    6. 6. Fon t ana d el Tritone
    7. 7. T h e S o u t h
    8. 8. Napoli
    9. 9. PIZZA
    10. 10.
    11. 11.
    12. 12. T H E I S L A N D SSardegna Sicilia
    13. 13. Sicilia
    14. 14. M o n t a g n a E t n a
    16. 16. Campagna
    17. 17. Burn wood for the brick ovenPick the fresh ingredients
    18. 18. Get the dough ready to goPrepare the extras
    19. 19. Prepare the side dishesBegin the masterpiece