Ladies Dress – 5 Pound Bargain!


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You would be forgiven for thinking the words 'ladies dress' and '5 pound bargain', don't belong in the same sentence, but they do if you shop with!

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Ladies Dress – 5 Pound Bargain!

  1. 1. Ladies Dress – 5 Pound Bargain ! You would be forgiven for thinking the words ' ladies dress ' and '5 pound bargain', don't belong in the same sentence, but they do if you shop with!
  2. 2. is an online shopping site which has plenty of 5 pound bargains for ladies. All our clothes are just £5 each! So when you are looking for a dress, lingerie, tops and many other cheap clothes for women, you should visit our website. Our website presents you with choice at a great price per item. With our pricing hopefully you can buy the clothes you need, which in these tough economic times should help.
  3. 3. However there is no compromising! We present a great range of dresses for ladies and regularly update our website. So if you don't find what you are looking for on this visit, please return again soon. Though as you will notice with an incredible range of ladies clothing, you should see an item or two, possible three, maybe more.... that you will like.
  4. 4. From cheap evening dresses to dresses perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon, we have a great range of dresses for you to consider. Let's also not forget it isn't just about the price per dress, incredible though it is – no it is also about convenience. Convenience to buy when you want to. Convenience to not have to travel to a town, city or out of town shopping centre. Convenience to have the clothes delivered to you.
  5. 5. isn't just for those on a budget. Yes we sell cheap dresses and other ladies clothes, but finding a bargain is the icing on the cake so to speak – take a look at our range of dresses, do they look £5 each to you? They don't to me, but all dresses are just a fiver each.
  6. 6. So why pay £20 or more for one dress? For £20 at you can buy more than one dress. With you can seriously consider buying the clothes you truly need. Instead of settling for one or two expensive items from expensive shops elsewhere, consider making your number one shopping destination.
  7. 7. Plus with our range of accessories, shoes, jewellery and other items for ladies in the UK, it is a great shopping destination for presents, be it anniversary, birthday, Christmas or another occasion – plus like our ladies dresses, other items are just five pounds each. Please visit for your 5 pound bargain !