Fashion for a Fiver


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When you buy clothing with us, you will be buying cheap clothing for just a fiver per item! Cheap fashion for a fiver at

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Fashion for a Fiver

  1. 1. Fashion for a Fiver
  2. 2. If you need to have the latest fashions, and simply can’t bewithout cutting edge high street fashion designs, then youmight be finding high street prices too much.Many people are struggling to make ends meet at this time,and people are finding it harder than ever to buy nonessential items such as fashionable clothing.We here at have the answer,because everything we sell is just five pounds.
  3. 3. Don’t think that we wrote that by mistake, we really meanthat everything is just five pounds on our website.You really can get the latest fashions for a fiver, just have a look at our catalogueand you will see that you are getting astonishing quality forthe low price of five pounds.When you buy clothing with us, you will be buying cheapclothing for just a fiver per item!
  4. 4. Each clothing item is just £5. Plus the clothes are deliveredstraight to your door, hassle free, cheap, and quickly.Fashionable dresses and accessories for a fiver.Not only do we sell everyday clothing items for a fiver but wealso sell what are normally expensive items, like dresses andjeans, for the low cost price of five pounds.
  5. 5. No longer will you need to spend fifty or more pounds on adress, you can simply come to andspend the low price of five pounds.We have the latest fashionable dresses and more all for justfive pounds. Nobody can offer the same level of value,quality and customer service that we do.Try us for yourself, you will not be disappointed.
  6. 6. We are continuing to update our range to ensure that you getthe latest in fashion for a fiver, and our catalogue alwaysfeatures cutting edge designs.We want to be your first and number one stop online forclothes and accessories so check for a fiver clothes at
  7. 7. Everything really is a fiver at why not grab yourself a bargain?In fact why stop at buying one item, when you can buy manyitems at such a low price per item.If you are a conscientious and careful bargain hunter thenyou have just discovered the holy grail of online shopping, sowhy not take a look inside the online clothes store right now?
  8. 8. Often we are all too busy during the week and try to fitshopping in at a weekend.Why spend Saturday working your way into a busy andcrowded town centre, getting stressed out in the process? Let us do the hard work, shop at Cheap fashion for a fiver at