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Everything5pounds Clothing with Style


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I have a friend who has this notion of wearing cheap clothing will mean she will be out of style. She just loves to buy designer’s clothes and this has taken its toll on her bank account. Click here to find more clothing online

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Everything5pounds Clothing with Style

  1. 1. Everything5pounds Clothing with Style I have a friend who has this notion of wearingcheap clothing will mean she will be out of style.She just loves to buy designer’s clothes and this has taken its toll on her bank account.
  2. 2. Her credit card payment is way pass overdue but still she has her way of borrowing money fromother people just to buy those expensive clothes.She will spend endless hours going from one store to another just to look for the dress she wants. And it does not matter to her if the price is high.
  3. 3. I have been trying to convince her that cheap clothing is also trendy and the only difference is the price. Clothing yourself with high end clothes does notalways equate to you dressing up in style. It is how you carry yourself with the clothes you wear.
  4. 4. If you do not know how to show off the designer’s clothes that you bought, then you are only wasting your money. That is the problem with my friend. She does not know how to carry the clothes that she wears.
  5. 5. To solve her problem, I have to take her to a fashion consultant so that she will know whatparticular colour and design will be best suited for her personality. Now with a professional telling her what is thebest for her, we finally convince her that she doesnot need a closet full of designer’s clothes just to be in style.
  6. 6. She does not need to spend countless hours to shop around town.And she agrees to buy cheap clothes as this is not only good for her personality but also on her pocket.
  7. 7. To show her proof that cheap clothes with styledo exist, we went online and visited several sites that offers cheap women’s wear.She was amazed how fast we can see various kind of clothes and how inexpensive the clothes are.
  8. 8. But she still has doubts on how the item willactually look in terms of the kind of fabric so I told her that if she does not like the product she cansend it back to the store because there is a money back guarantee.
  9. 9. Now, my friend wears discounted clothes and she buys it online at everything 5 pounds shopping online. Even if the clothes are cheap, she wears it withstyle and confidence and that’s how it should be.