Everything £5 ? Are you Serious?


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I was browsing the internet and looking for discounted clothing when I came across a site named everything5pounds. Out of curiosity, I visited the site and to my surprised they are selling all their products at Everything £5! Click here to find more clothing online http://www.everything5pounds.com/

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Everything £5 ? Are you Serious?

  1. 1. Everything £5 ? Are you Serious? I was browsing the internet and looking for discounted clothing when I came across a site named everything 5 pounds. Out of curiosity, I visited the site and to mysurprised they are selling all their products at 5 pounds each!
  2. 2. This may sound unbelievable so I browse around their pages and they do have a lot of clothing items. I still doubted as this seems unreal.Imagine if I have 20 pounds I can buy 4 different items. I can buy a dress, a pair of shoes, a set of undergarments and a bag! All for 20 pounds?!
  3. 3. Everything 5 pounds offer a wide variety of women’s clothing.I was amazed by the numerous design, styles and colours of each item they offer. I can not help myself imagine how good it will look on me.
  4. 4. From the dresses, tops, undergarments, leggings and trousers to the shoes, hats bags and otheraccessories the pages are almost endless and thepossibilities of combining those items to get that stylish look all for Everything £5 each!They also have children’s wear so you and your daughter can do online shopping together.
  5. 5. There must be some hidden charges behind this.I clicked on their delivery page and to my surprise the only additional charge they have is the delivery charge that is based on the total weight of the item/s.
  6. 6. And you will see how much the additional charge is when you checked out. They will also keep you posted on the status ofyour item by sending you e-mails and containingthe whereabouts of the item and the estimated time of arrival.
  7. 7. In case you feel the item/s you bought is not into your liking, you can return the said items within 14 days upon receiving.It should be in the original condition including the package used and the documents.
  8. 8. They will refund the courier service fee including all the taxes paid.But if you prefer to exchange your purchased item to a different one, they will gladly do it for you. In these times of economic crisis, a lot of peopleare looking for inexpensive products to help ease their limited budget.
  9. 9. And clothing being one of our basic necessities always comes last in one’s budget list.Now that I found Everything £5, I know I can get my money’s worth.