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  1. 1. Taiwan
  2. 2. Taiwan is a beautiful island nation located off the coast of China with close to 23 million people. The majority practices Buddhism but Christianity, Islam and other faiths can be freely practiced.
  3. 3. In July 2009, the first Every Nation Church in Taiwan - Every Nation Taipei Church (ENTC) - will be launched and, to be able to greatly impact the youth, the church plant will be centered on the National Taiwan University (NTU).
  4. 4. A team of missionaries from the United States will go to Taiwan in mid-July to help jump start the church plant and to host Campus Harvest Taiwan 2009.
  5. 5. Prayer Points • Pray for God to build a solid international core team of about 12 leaders to plant the church together. • Pray for God to reveal an inspired and thorough plan for the church plant in Taiwan; pray for God to build strong disciples and leaders. • Pray for finances to come together in time. • Pray for a venue near the NTU campus by June for worship, office and community and student centers. • Pray for a revival to break out in the NTU campus during the mid-July outreach with the missionaries from the United States.