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  1. 1. Latvia
  2. 2. Latvia is a country in north-eastern Europe with less than 2.3 million people. It is one of the countries in the world with a declining birth rate and population. There were more people in Latvia 20 years ago, and even 100 years ago, than what it has today.
  3. 3. Latvia has no official religion but the people have Lutheran, Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox roots giving them a bit of a background in Christianity. In general, Latvia is open to new religious ideas.
  4. 4. Every Nation has a church in Riga, Latvia being led by Filipino Pastor Rommel Cervantes, his wife, Ira, and their family.
  5. 5. Prayer Points Pray for God’s plan and will for the church to be revealed and come to pass as we continuously seek His face. Pray For Rommel, Pavel and Edgars and their families for wisdom, leadership and strength from God as they serve the church; pray for provision for the church. Pray for the congregation to continue to grow in God and to actively reach out to unbelievers; pray for new leaders to rise up. Pray for more young Latvians and Russians to be changed by God and become disciples. Pray for Rommel and his family as they take a much needed vacation in the Philippines.