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  1. 1. Croatia Split,
  2. 2. Croatia is a country located on the Adriatic Sea, east of Italy. It has 4.5 million people and the predominant religion is Catholicism.
  3. 3. Every Nation Croatia is being led by Brandon and Allison Hoybach
  4. 4. “In a culture that is very nationalistic, skeptical and segregated, we are a breath of fresh air.” “Our heart is to reconcile people to God and to each other.”
  5. 5. Prayer Points Pray for protection and provision for Brandon and Allison Hoybach and for favor and growth for the church in Croatia. Pray that leaders would emerge and be excited to be involved in the work of the church. Pray that there would be a spiritual awakening amongst the people of Croatia. Pray that there would be unity amongst the various fellowships of believers. Pray that there would be reconciliation amongst the Balkan nations.