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Pray for Clarksville


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Published in: Spiritual
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Pray for Clarksville

  1. 1. Clarksville, Tennessee
  2. 2. Clarksville is the 5th largest city in Tennessee. It is home to Austin Peay State University and Fort Campbell.
  3. 3. Bethel Community Church in Clarksville is being led by Mike and Christy Cantrell and their family.
  4. 4. “Since planting in September 2004, Bethel Community Church, a member of Bethel World Outreach Center, has grown to over 400 in weekend attendees.”
  5. 5. Prayer Points • Pray for grace, guidance and favor for Pastor Mike and Christy Cantrell and their family and for Bethel Community Church in Clarskville, pray for an increased presence of God that will transform people’s lives. •Pray for continued growth and influence in the city, including Fort Campbell, Austin Peay State University and the greater Clarksville region. •Pray for the possibility of a 7-acre land acquisition that would allow expansion for the church. •Pray for guidance and protection for the US Army personnel and their families especially those at Fort Campbell and those deployed around the world. •Pray for the leadership team of Bethel Community Church; pray for Pastors Brock Lillis and Fikri Youssef as they pioneer the work in Austin Peay State University and the Hispanic Church plant in Clarksville, respectively.