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  1. 1. Bolivia
  2. 2. Bolivia is a country in South America bordered by Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Peru. It has close to ten million people and the majority is Roman Catholic.
  3. 3. Pastor Fikri Youssef oversees our Every Nation churches in Bolivia.
  4. 4. “Our work in Bolivia is getting stronger than ever and our church is growing in the Lord. God is expanding our territory in Bolivia and He is opening doors for a fifth church to be added in Pentaguazu City.” - Pastor Fikri Youssef
  5. 5. Prayer Points Pray for guidance, favor and grace for Pastor Fikri Youssef and his family and for all our church leaders in Bolivia. Pray for the church plant in Pentaguazu and for a strong leader to be established and to continue to build a growing church. Pray for Pastor Edgar and Ilda and their family, especially their new born baby; pray for grace as they raise a young family and two congregations in Bolivia at the same time. Pray for Pastor Ruth and the growing church that she leads; pray for provision to buy or rent a bigger church venue. Pray for favor and salvation for the Governor of the State of Santa Cruz and his family.