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The new disruptive business model


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For brands that need a little differentiation and want to be a bit disruptive, here's a growing disruptive trend that we wholeheartedly endorse.

Published in: Marketing
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The new disruptive business model

  1. 1. Everywherebrand 2015
  2. 2. It’s :)
  3. 3. Because even small acts of will get you a big impact in a world where kindness or goodness is considered radical.
  4. 4. Sceptical? We all like Airbnb yes?
  5. 5. Well,as a quick example,Airbnb recently introduced random acts of kindness to create an unexpected smile and even pledged $1 million of their own money for users to apply acts of kindness such as “buy a cup of coffee for a stranger”. And if you don’t think that’s good business, check out their $20 billion valuation!
  6. 6. “Sorry I can’t do business with you, you’re too nice.” “I’d love to work with you but you’re just too kind.” “I love the brand, but its just a bit too honest for my liking.”
  7. 7. “Historically when the economy is good, workplace ethics tend to suffer; profit takes precedence over proper behaviour.” The American National Business Ethics Survey PROFITS VALUES
  8. 8. “63% of firms with a CX programme (from a global research study) grew over the last 3 years. And those that are doing it well, the Vanguards, outperformed the others a massive 6 times! That equates to annual average sales growth during the past 3 years of 12%!” Measuring customer experience – Prof.Dr.Phil Klaus* How does growth sound? *Yes ,he's a Dr and a Prof,as well as being an amazingly mannered man
  9. 9. And widely available research also shows that: of buying experiences are based on how you feel you were treated of new business comes from direct referrals The loyal customer is worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase of consumers would switch brands if a different brand of similar quality supported a good cause Edelman study
  10. 10. “It’s harder and more important to be kind than clever” – There is a hunger amongst customers, employees and all of us to engage with companies on more than financial terms. “In a world that is being reshaped by the relentless advance of technology, what stands out are acts of compassion and connection that remind us what it means to be human.” Yourcustomersprefertobuyfrombrandswhose valuestheyshare. OrifyouprefertotrusttheHarvard businessreview...
  11. 11. Everywherebrand 2015
  12. 12. Everywherebrand 2015 How about the case of CEO of Gravity Payments in Seattle who claimed radical acts of kindness make good business sense after raising the minimum wage at his company to $70,000 and slashing his own $1 million salary to the same as his lowest-paid worker. And yes he’s become much more handsome since that too.
  13. 13. Everywherebrand 2015 Haley Joel Osment in Pay it Forward Commonsensealert: Recipients of generosity were much more likely to be generous in future exchanges.
  14. 14. Everywherebrand 2015 And...if it makes you feel any better,you can claim it’s the latest trend...
  15. 15. ...if your time (and soul) is being consumed by the shiny new programmatic data driven omni channel world (ok, we know how seductive that can be) and you're afraid you are missing out on these new trends – come and have a nice little chat with us. Put the heart back into your business and discover your brand's purpose with Everywherebrand. We’d love to hear from you. GET IN TOUCH CALL RACHEL ON 07894 521 782 OR EMAIL INFO@EVERYWHEREBRAND.COM