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Everywherebrand Marketing glossary


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Words and phases commonly used in marketing and what they mean in real life. Marketing words without the guff.

Published in: Marketing
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Everywherebrand Marketing glossary

  1. 1. The2015 glossaryof commonly used marketing terms And what they honestly mean in practice
  2. 2. We read a book by Lawrence Rees a while back called ‘Their Darkest Hour’*. Our main take was that humans could do, and justify doing, inhumane things to other humans... if they could distance themselves from them as people; by calling them something else. Like ‘you filthy dogs’. We think that some of the words we use in marketing have distanced ourselves from what they actually mean. So, here’s our little glossary of current marketing terms to try to give marketing back its honest heart. * here’s the link - well worth a read: Preface
  3. 3. Automated marketing The ugly but persistent bloke in the nightclub that sometimes gets lucky for 1 night.
  4. 4. The places that used to do big ideas... but now just have big overheads that they need to pass on, somehow. Thebig agencies
  5. 5. Paid people who you don’t know to give opinions you don’t trust. Focus groups
  6. 6. Apparently this was like teenage sex: ‘Everyone was talking about it but no-one’s actually done it.’ Now no-one is talking about it anymore as they all tried it and didn’t see what all the fuss was all about. Bigdata
  7. 7. A really nice title slide generally followed by stuff you told the big agency in your first meeting. Insights
  8. 8. Like other territory... but it’s mental not physical. Legend has it that a wealthy American bought some UK creative territory and re-assembled it in The States, only to find it was a children’s Wendy house. Creative territory
  9. 9. An integral part of the job that’s now used as a softener before recommending paid for research. Desktop research
  10. 10. The beardy bunch that are trained to think big... but are currently used just choosing iStock images to go into automated email headers. Thecreative department
  11. 11. A PDF. (Normally landscape) Not to be confused with a whitepaper which is a portrait pdf, normally. Content
  12. 12. See marketing automation.Content polluters
  13. 13. Rewritten words that someone read once and thought they could pass off as their own opinion. Badblog posts
  14. 14. People who bought some coloured markers. Bad strategists
  15. 15. A list of real people.Database
  16. 16. The people who you want to talk to, though they’re about as much of an audience as a bunch of sugared up 3 yr olds... and funnily enough they’re not sitting there waiting for you. The audience
  17. 17. A 40 page pdf that tells you not to put the logo upside-down. Brand guidelines
  18. 18. Conceived in 1898 it works on gravity. Looks like a pyramid... but feels easier for customers to fall through if you put it upside down. Thefunnel
  19. 19. Not forgetting to leave out a channel. Omni channel
  20. 20. A financial return on your marketing investment. Little bit surprising that this has only been coined as a phrase so recently. Lead generation
  21. 21. What you do when you’ve forgotten what your own business idea was. Competitor analysis
  22. 22. Call centre People who talk to other people on your behalf who don’t know either you or them.
  23. 23. Online community This sounds much more appealing than just having customers, until you realise you’ve created the online version of Tower Hamlets.
  24. 24. The2015 glossaryof commonly used marketing terms We think the world is a lot better without all the guff... we could have gone on (and on) but that’s enough for now. If you need any help with anything then feel free to get in touch: Everywherebrand 2015