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Rob Annable Information Modelling


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BIM and social media - presentation for Ecobuild 2009

Published in: Technology
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Rob Annable Information Modelling

  1. 1. |
  2. 3. blogging, phonecams, rss User generated views
  3. 4. User generated content + user generated views
  4. 5. feedback proposals discuss explore
  5. 7. architects local authority RSLs urban designers tenants schools community groups home owners social media tools?
  6. 8. input output
  7. 11. Warning light has come on – help!
  8. 12. bibliography YouCanPlan Lozells: Social media data tools: Twitter house by Andy Stanford-Clark ( ) Original concept: Dan Hill – ‘ The personal well tempered environment’ & ‘The street as performance’ Rob Annable – ‘ Up on the roof’ Also, see discussions going on at groups such as be2camp and homecamp