Effectively using mobile technology in learning


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Piloting M-learning at Eversheds by Tim Drewitt.

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Effectively using mobile technology in learning

  1. 1. Effectively Using Mobile Technologyin LearningPiloting M-learning at EvershedsTim Drewitt, Eversheds LLP27 September 2011 @timdrewitt
  2. 2. Presentation SummaryEffectively using mobile technology in learning• About Eversheds• Pilot overview• M-learning benefits• M-learning content• Technical issues• Tim‟s top tips
  3. 3. About EvershedsOne of the world’s largest law firms• 4,300 employees, 527 partners• 44 offices – UK, EMEA and Asia, 27 jurisdictions• Company commercial, human resources, litigation and dispute management and real estate• Aerospace and defence, central government, education, energy and natural resources, financial institutions, food, healthcare, industrial engineering, local government, retail, sport and transport
  4. 4. Our learning delivery framework Face-to-face Classroom One-to-one Coaching Attitude/Skills v Knowledge/Task Interactive WebinarsSelf-paced v Live Passive Webinars Blogs Yammer Discussion Forums Quick E-learning Recorded Webinars Podcasts Videocasts Mobile Learning Referenceware Shorter Learning Time Commitment Longer
  5. 5. Pilot OverviewGoing where few have been before
  6. 6. Learner-demanded delivery channelMeeting the demands of mobile workers• “I‟d like to watch a training session I missed on the train home.”• “Can‟t I play back a webinar recording on my BlackBerry?”• “I‟d prefer to study the e-learning during my travel time when I am not disturbed.”• “Why can‟t I listen to the podcasts on my mobile?”• “Isn‟t there an app for that?”
  7. 7. Our challengeA challenging challenge• To deploy a device-neutral mobile learning delivery platform that enables the in-house rapid development of suitable content for offline study• To pilot m-learning to a diverse group of up to 150 fee-earners from across all practice groups• To pilot on two models of BlackBerry (c. 1,500) and iPad (c. 300)• Use PowerPoint as the authoring tool• To develop just the once, but push to all device types
  8. 8. Our objectivesSeven key questions• Once lawyers have used it, do they still want it?• What content works well in this format and what doesn‟t?• If we reduce the learning run time, what is the impact on the quality of the training?• Is the solution usable, simple and straightforward?• How much learning shifts from the desk to discretionary learning on the move?• When and where are staff choosing to learn?• How do we have to change our content design for mobile delivery?
  9. 9. Our pilot solutionHot Lava LMS Mobile Learning App Content Management Viewer System Plug-in
  10. 10. Mobile Learning BenefitsMaking the business case
  11. 11. Benefits mapThe anticipated benefits BusinessInvestment Business High-level Process Objectives Benefits Requirements Change Solution will allow Protect fee- training to be made Reduce operating earning hours Make mobile available on mobiles costs by training modules improving Facilitate learning Training to be available available from in a variety of content productivity during „dead time‟ mobile devices types/file formats Improve productivity Solution will by removing learning from office integrate with LMS Improve risk Develop new, Increase course Solution will management by shorter training completions integrate with BES ensuring modules completion of Enable staff to learn (customised for Solution will allow modules in short bursts and in mobile devices) users to create different ways modules
  12. 12. Supporting evidenceMeasuring the benefits •Measure hours of training performed away from the Protect fee- desk earning hours •Compare with hours of training performed during fee- earner timeFacilitate learning •During the pilot, participants will be asked to provideduring „dead time‟ the location where they completed the modules Improve •Focus on business services teams productivity •Same as for fee-earners Increase course •Compare completion levels with other similar courses •Measure completion rates, abort rates and users completions taking more than scheduled time
  13. 13. Mobile Learning ContentThe greatest challenge of them all
  14. 14. Our pilot contentOur first mobile-friendly offer• Five pre-existing podcasts – After the Event [ATE] Insurance [11:12] – Interim Injunction Undertakings [13:16] – Quantum Meruit Claims [15:37] – Striking Out, Defendants‟ Application for Summary Judgement and Admissions [18:13] – Wasted Costs and Solicitors‟ Disclosure Responsibilities [16:59]• One new exemplar module – Keep Calm and Collect the Cash [3:30]
  15. 15. Original design briefingE-learning in miniature…?• Less than 10 minutes • Reflect context in• Cover just one which training will be discrete topic taken• Contents breaks down • Include at least one neatly into key points final question• Easily communicated • May support other by text current training• As practical as • Discrete target possible audience
  16. 16. Content is kingWell maybe The Petit Prince• Device-specific issues – Screen size and shape – Learning app characteristics – Device navigation controls – Touch screen versus keyboard/joystick• Intrusion of navigation controls into content space• Legible font size
  17. 17. Content template Lowest common denominator Eversheds logo:PowerPoint H 1.28cm xslide title: 6.66cm;Resize Horizontalshape to fit 18cm,text; Font VerticalSize 24; 0.5cmH 1.28cm xW 16cm;Horizontal Text box;1cm, ResizeVertical shape to fit0.5cm text; Font Size 28;Scrolling Horizontalzones: 1cm,14.5cm Verticaland 16cm 3cm
  18. 18. Content is kingTechnology and environmental constraints• Time to download versus time to study – Graphics delayed download and pace• Text and graphics alignment – Text and graphic object conflicts – Variable rendering on different devices – Bold 9000 > Torch > NEW Bold 9900• Maintaining learner focus – Multiple distractions – Learner lethargy
  19. 19. Content treatmentKeeping the learner engaged• Content chunked into components Question Problem – Interactions – Learning hooks – Q&As that “teach” Answer Tip – Practical tips and checklists – Avoiding “tutorials”
  20. 20. Content treatmentGetting to the point fast• Rely on intuitive navigation• Text narrative – Brevity is key – Master the art of content slashing – Trim, trim and trim again• Purpose of graphics – Dropped fancy icons to free up content space and reduce download times• Questions – Use more answers instead of tutorial screens
  21. 21. Content treatmentExample using Q&A Answer choices Answer feedback redacted redacted
  22. 22. Content breakdownGetting to the point fastContent Type Number of Screens Word CountTitle 1 6Introduction 1 40Question 5 99Answer with “hook” 1 23Answer with tutorial 4 218Tutorial 3 134Tip 2 85Further information 1 41Exit routine 2 31TOTALS 20 677
  23. 23. Mobile content – so what is it?Answering the killer question• Less likely to be a “course” – Content trimming takes its toll – Courses are time-hungry – Mobile time is prone to distractions• More likely to be “snippets of learning” – Current usage of apps and mobile web – Short memory joggers – Short quizzes to pre-qualify/verify compliance – Other “point of need” referenceware
  24. 24. Technical IssuesOvercoming technology troubles
  25. 25. Technology issuesThose little gremlins• App encryption delayed download times – Removed encryption to rely on BES security• Integral media player lacked user controls – App redeveloped to use device‟s native player• iTunes App Store upgrade policy – Had to abort iPad trial• Lack of robust processes for testing and deploying apps
  26. 26. Tim‟s Top TipsKick-start your mobile learning project
  27. 27. Tim‟s top tipsKick-start your mobile learning project• Give some content to potential vendors to turn into an exemplar module as part of the RFP• Don‟t rush your design and development – Evaluate prototypes across all device types – Rework until it truly ticks all the boxes• Challenge existing definitions of “content”• Consider the largest feasible pilot audience size• Don‟t ignore learner propensity to use mobiles for non-call/e-mail related activity
  28. 28. Tim‟s top tipsThe nature of a mobile learning pilot User L&D/IT User L&D/IT
  29. 29. @timdrewitttimdrewitt@eversheds.com © EVERSHEDS LLP 2011. Eversheds LLP is a limited liability partnership.