Beyond the Beginner - Path Ways to Advanced Drupal Levels & Businesses


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This presentation is trying to bridge a gap between Drupal starters and more advanced Drupal path ways.

If you have one or more experiences in Frontend, Backend (or programming in PHP), Project Management and Business but you don't know how to continue with Drupal, these slides will make your Drupal learning curve make easy for you.

The slides will introduce the path ways to become Drupal Themers, Site Builders, Module Developers, Drupal Project Managers and Drupal Shops.

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Beyond the Beginner - Path Ways to Advanced Drupal Levels & Businesses

  1. 1. Beyond the BeginnerPath Ways to Advanced DrupalLevels & BusinessesMaung Singapore#02-18, Plug-In @ Blk 71 Ayer Rajah CrescentSaturday, 27 Apr 2013
  2. 2. This presentation is for- People very new to Drupal,- Drupal beginners and- People with web developmentexperiences with other CMSs indifferent roles.
  3. 3. Why Drupal?,,,,,,,
  4. 4. Why Drupal?Their choices are not a mistake…!
  5. 5. Why Drupal?They did so many researches…They believed the power of Drupal…Finally they choose Drupal toleverage their daily web activities….
  6. 6. Why Drupal?We also have equal chance to usethe same software…
  7. 7. Why Drupal?The same Software…Different experiencesDifferent requirements andDifferent skills - createDifferent Drupal sites…
  8. 8. Knowing YourselfIt is the beginning of all Wisdom.Aristotal
  9. 9. Who I‘m?
  10. 10. Knowing Yourself…Im- An absolute beginner with no experiences,- A fresh graduate,- An intern,- A student,- Someone from other professional background..Image -
  11. 11. Knowing Yourself…Im- A front end developer with HTML, CSS experiences- I know how to create a static website using HTMLand CSSImage -
  12. 12. Knowing Yourself…Im- A front end developer with- HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery experiences,- Currently using web technologies to build websitesImage -
  13. 13. Knowing Yourself…Im- A CMS developer using other CMSs,- Existing user with WordPress, Joomla etc,- also know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery etc…
  14. 14. Knowing Yourself…Im- A PHP programmer with HTML, CSS, JavaScript,jQuery experiences.- I know how to program with PHP,- I already created various websites and backendsusing PHP and frameworks,- I know other CMSs…Image -
  15. 15. Knowing Yourself…Im- A project manager , managing web projects,- I know how to deal with web programmers, frontend developers and clients,- I want to understand more about problems anddifficulties of Drupal developers and Drupal projects.
  16. 16. Knowing Yourself…Im- A business owner with or without webdevelopment experiences- I know how to run a business,- I want to understand more on Drupal developers,- my clients’ problems and their requirements.
  17. 17. Knowing Yourself…A business ownerAn absolute beginnerA front end developerA CMS developerA PHP programmerA project manager17Image -
  18. 18. Knowing Yourself…But…18I know nothing about Drupal…
  19. 19. The Good News…19Image -
  20. 20. The Good News…20You are not alone…
  21. 21. The Good News…All today experts are…Absolute beginners…in their early days…21
  22. 22. 22
  23. 23. Beyond Yourself…23A business ownerAn absolute beginnerA front end developerA CMS developerA PHP programmerA project managerImage - Site Builder,Site AdministratorDrupal ThemerDrupal Module DeveloperDrupal Project ManagerDrupal Shop
  24. 24. Diving into Drupal24Image -
  25. 25. 25Diving into Drupal…Image -
  26. 26. 26Diving into Drupal…Forget about bad news andmisunderstandings about Drupalfrom now on…
  27. 27. 27Diving into Drupal…Learning Drupal is not as hard as you think.Drupal community is Awesome.People are always ready to help with yourDrupal problems.
  28. 28. 28Drupal Learning Tips…• Learn and Know the Powers of Drupalto motivate yourself (Very Important)• Find a Drupal mentor (if possible)• Join nearest Drupal community• Ask as many questions as possible• Try to be Familiar & Talk with Drupal Jargons• Digest the Drupal Basics• Learn from free/paid Drupal Videos• Learn from Drupal Case Studies• Build your own site locally and apply knowledge• Learn from Books and community Tutorials• Learn something new every day to motivate yourprogress
  29. 29. 29Drupal Learning Curve…1. Install core Drupal2. Learn & Play with Drupal StructuresContent types, Fields, Taxonomy, Menu, Blocks,Image styles, Input formats, Pathes, Entities3. Beautify with AppearanceTheme - install, configure, uninstall4. Understand People in a Drupal siteUser Roles, Permissions, Relations between Roles, Content types, Blocks, Input Formats..5. Empower functionalities with ModulesBooks, Aggregator, Forum, Contact, Blogs…so on6. Monitor with ReportsLearning Curve for Basic Drupal Install
  30. 30. 30Drupal Learning Curve…7. Modify outputs with ViewsDrupal Install with Views, Panels, Webforms, Rules and Display Suite modules8. Change layouts with Panels10. Make use of Webforms9. Control the logics with Rules11. Mixing into Display Suite
  31. 31. 31Drupal Path Ways…7. Modify outputs with Views8. Change layouts with Panels10. Make use of Webforms9. Control the logics with Rules11. Mixing into Display Suite6. Monitor with Reports5. Empower functions with Modules4. Understand People in a Drupal Site3. Beautify with Appearance2. Learn & Play with Drupal Structures1. Install core DrupalBusiness ownerAbsolutebeginnerFrontend developerCMS developerPHP programmerProject managerDrupalSiteBuilder,Admin
  32. 32. 32Learning Resource –Drupal Basic Videos…- Started with Drupal 7 Tutorials by Level Ten Interactive(21 Videos)Learn Drupal 7 with NodeOne by NodeOne (15 Videos)-
  33. 33. 33Learning Resources –Drupal Site Builders, Administrators…Learn about Useful Modules from the online Video tutorials1) Learning Library from Nodeone (series of video tutorials for important modules)- Daily Dose of Drupal - Drupal Training Videos by Code Karate- Drupal Easy Podcasts- - Hundreds of Drupal tutorials organized.-
  34. 34. 34Learning Resources –Drupal Site Builders…- is a Drupal Site Builder?Other Drupal Site Building Tips from Lullabot-
  35. 35. 35Learning Resources –Drupal Site Builders…- with Drupal Gardens first…Before you host first Drupal site on hosting server.
  36. 36. 36
  37. 37. 37Learning Resources –Don’t Forget to Learn Best practices…Learn and Follow the Drupal Best Practicesto make your life easierThis is the most important thing to Do in yourDrupal Journey-
  38. 38. 38Learning Resources –Don’t Forget to Learn Best practices…WarningsNever hack core- hardcoding-
  39. 39. 39Drupal Path Ways…AbsolutebeginnerFrontend developerCMS developerPHP programmerDrupalSite Builder,AdministratorDrupalThemerDrupalModuleDeveloper
  40. 40. 40Drupal Path Ways…ProjectManagerWeb BusinessOwnerGeneralKnowledge ofDrupalSite BuildingProcess andModulesDrupalProjectManagerDrupalDev Shop
  41. 41. 41Learning Resources –A few of Must Visit Resources…•• Drupal Planet -• Drupal Books -• Drupal Videos -• Drupal Archive -• Drupal Slides -• Drupal Case studies -• Drupal Online/Offline Courses (Premium)-,-,-,-
  42. 42. 42Learning Resources –Must Read Books for All Levels… (Online Book)
  43. 43. 43Learning Resources –Must Read Books for Site Builders…
  44. 44. 44Learning Resources –Must Read Books for Themers…
  45. 45. 45Learning Resources –Must Read Books for Module Developers…
  46. 46. 46Learning Resources –Must Read Books and Linksfor Project Managers and Drupal Shops…Drupal and Project Management Art of Estimation Update on the Art of Estimation project management - Starting the project for Project Managers (1 Day Course)
  47. 47. 47Now, It is Your TurnThe Drupal Community already done their jobs.It is your turn to consume these powerful resources.Learn it, Drupal it.See you on more advanced Drupal paths…Thank You!