Ninja tactics revealed how to dominate google with review sites


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Discover how you can dominate Google in your local market by using your local directory and review site listings to push your competition off the front page.

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Ninja tactics revealed how to dominate google with review sites

  1. 1. Have More Questions? Evergreen Profit News UpdateNinja Tactics Revealed: How to Dominate Google With Review SitesHi! This is Justin Meadows with another website news update. Today we’ll be covering howyou can use local directories and review websites to boost your online presence and how todeal with bad reviews.Firstly … using directories and review sites. This is a fantastic way to establish a very strongonline presence. It’s well worth going at a time ofclimbing all of your listings and filling them out with Use directories & reviewas much valuable information as you can. A goodway to decide which directories and review sites you sites to increase Googleshould be using is to have a look at your main rankkeywords and see what is already coming up. You’llprobably find that some of your competitors arealready listed in these review sites and you may have some listings yourself.Claim directory listingsYou’re better off claiming some that you haven’t claimed yet already, because these canoften boost the results that you get simply by claiming it and filling it out with a bit moreinformation.Be sure to add a link back to your website, because allof these claimed directories that link back to your Link the directory listingwebsite gives you a boost to your search enginerankings. Another thing that can be very powerful is back to your sitethat if you have claimed all of your local listings andfilled them out with a lot of valuable information so that each rank will be a little bit betterthemselves, you can actually take out a lot more of the front page of Google and you canalso apply some of the SEO link-building techniques to promote the directory listings thatReboot Your Business Website Page 1
  2. 2. Have More Questions? EvergreenSupport.comyou have, to push them further up above your competition and own more of that onlinespace that is the front page of Google.A word on bad reviewsQuite often, I encounter comments from other people who are worried about the problemof getting bad reviews on social media or on review sitesor directories. The best advice that I can give people that Do not worry too muchhave these worries is firstly, there’s nothing you can do about bad reviewsabout it. These people, if they really have a bone to pick,if they’ve had a really bad experience with your business(and that does happen from time to time), it’s not necessarily your fault, you might have justgot a bad customer. There’s not much you can do to stop them jumping on social media andtalking about you.Reboot Your Business Website Page 2
  3. 3. Have More Questions? EvergreenSupport.comWhat you can do, however, is offset those few bad reviews that are uncontrollable andinevitable by encouraging all of your happy customers topost up as many good reviews as possible. Byencouraging all your happy customers to do this, you Request customers for aestablish a large bank of good reviews which outweighs review and share this withthe few bad reviews that you’re going to get. Whenpeople look at a review site, they discount a few bad the worldreviews if there’s only one or two and they areoutweighed by 10 or 15 good reviews. The really best defense against bad reviews is to putyourself out there, encourage reviews, and get as many good reviews as possible.Keep customers happy and satisfiedObviously, you have to have a good product or serviceand you have to make sure that you are keeping your Happy customers are thecustomers happy … that is the main thing. But as long asyou are doing that, by encouraging those good best defence against badexperiences that happy customers have had, getting reviewsthose online and shared with the rest of the world is thebest defense against a few bad reviews.Encourage customers to review the websiteIn terms of ways that you can do this, it depends on the business that you’re in, but you caneither encourage people to review from your website yourself by giving them a link toreview sites or to Google maps to review them there. By the way, Google maps is probablythe most valuable place to put these reviews because apart from the social media effect ofhaving these good reviews, there is also a strong search engine effect. The sites with thebest reviews rise to the top of the search engines.After Each Service or Sale, Ask Client for a ReviewApart from doing that, you can also do this with your invoicing or with your bill that youhand out to customers at the end of their stay or once you’ve finished giving them theirservice or selling your product to them. Add to your documentation a counter-action forthem to review you and to share their experience with the rest of the world online.Other great ways, if you have a shop or a venue like a café or pub, put up signings thatencourages people to jump online and check-in on the social media things and add theirreview. In fact, you can even run competitions, maybe giving a free drink or something topeople who have checked in and reviewed you online.Reboot Your Business Website Page 3
  4. 4. Have More Questions? EvergreenSupport.comThat’s just a couple of ideas, and for each business theres probably a different strategy thatyou can be implementing. If you have any questions specifically about your business, pleasechuck them in the comments below, and we’ll see if we can help you out.Im Justin Meadows, this is Evergreen Profit.I’ll talk to you soon.Free Consultation and Website AuditI hope you have gotten a lot of value out of our website news training. I would like to offeryou a free ½ hour consultation and website audit. To make sure you get the most out ofyour online marketing.We have worked with hundreds of businesses in a range of industries and can help put youon the right track. There is no obligation to buy anything, we simply want to help you outand make sure you are making the right choices.Give me a call on 1300 33 77 14 and I will help put you on the right track.So that you can build yourself as a leader in your market, get more sales from your websiteand rise above your competition in the search engines.CheersJustin MeadowsOnline Marketing StrategistEvergreen ProfitReboot Your Business Website Page 4