Discover ways to insulate your business against threats


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Protect your business market share using your website.

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Discover ways to insulate your business against threats

  1. 1. Have More Questions? Evergreen Profit News Update Discover Ways To Insulate Your Business Against ThreatsHi, this is Justin Meadows with another website news update. Today were going to talkabout insulating against potential threats in your business, specifically new competitorsentering your marketplace and also a nifty backup solution that could be great for yourbusiness.First, insulating against potential threats. It really is worth sitting down and brainstormingeither with your staff or by yourself or with a consultant or someone else outside of yourbusiness all the different potential threatsthat may compromise your business andthen looking at ways you can insulate your Get to know what thebusiness against these threats and things different potential threatsthat you want to be looking at is things likeyour supply, what happens if you lose your to your businesssupply that you currently have or do youhave multiple different supplies, is that going to be a problem, how many customers do youhave. Do you have a large base of customers or if you lose one customer, is that going tomake a huge impact on your business? Other things like your staff and your computers oryour product or your service, what if someone else brings in a service exactly the same, buta little bit cheaper. Can anyone do that? What if someone poaches your staff? What if acompetitor moves in right next door to you? All these sort of things are the things that youwant to start thinking about and insulating your business against,One of the things that I wanted to talk about in particular is how you can use your websiteto insulate against new competitors entering your market and taking that market share thatyou already have. One great way that you can establish and maintain market dominancewith your online market, in particular, is by using your website to publish regular contentand build up your authority and relationship with your customers and also build up a strongranking in your search engines. What that means is you don’t want to just be on the frontpage. What you want is to have such a strong online presence that if anyone looking tocome in to your market has a look at your presence online, there is a massive barrier toentry for them to knock you off the top of Google perhaps or steal those followers from youReboot Your Business Website Page 1
  2. 2. Have More Questions? EvergreenSupport.comthat are following your blog or they arefriends with you on Facebook. You want to Use your website toreally be engaging with your customers somuch that they wouldn’t even consider insulate your businesslooking at any other competition or you want against new competitorsto build yourself such a strong brand withGoogle that its going to take a lot of effortand a long time for any other new competitors or existing competitors to rise above you inthe search engines and the best way to achieve this is by publishing regular quality contentthat engages with your users, engages with your customers and provides them withvaluable information and tips and gives them the sort of things they need to get the mostout of your service or maybe just help them out with their problems that may be related toyour business, but not specifically what your business provides.The other thing you want to insulate against is data loss. The data that you have in yourbusiness computer really is crucial and veryimportant and its important that you back thisup and its also a great idea to have several Protect your business bydifferent ways that you back it up because one having several backupbackup may fail or for some reason it might nothave been backed up. Have a couple of systems for your datadifferent systems in place. You might want totalk to your local IT guy or your computer guy, whoever set up your computer systemsabout different solutions that you can be using. Its a great idea to have a backup that is noton your premises in case of something like a fire or something like that. You want to makesure that youre insulated against that sort of threat as well.One great solution is a software called DropBox and essentially what this is, the files thatare on your computer get automatically DropBox is a software thatsynchronized with another computer and this synchronizes all your datais not just great for backups, if youre usingseveral computers in your business and you across all of your computershave a lot of staff that are using the same filesor need to access similar files or you might need to access these files off premises or ondifferent computers. By putting them all into Drop Box, it automatically synchronizes thefiles across all the computers that are using it. Its also a great way to send files to otherpeople and to share files and its a great backup solution because everything that’s on yourcomputer in the Drop Box folder is automatically synchronized and backed up into cloudservice and also onto the other computers that you have. If one computer dies you don’tlose all that valuable data. You can simply get a new computer, install Drop Box and let itsynchronize and all those files will come back.Reboot Your Business Website Page 2
  3. 3. Have More Questions? EvergreenSupport.comIf you want to find out more or have any questions about this, just chuck a comment belowand Ill be happy to help you out with some few ideas and solutions on how you can beinsulating and backup solutions for your business as well.Im Justin Meadows. This is Evergreen Profit. Ill talk to you soon.Free Consultation and Website AuditI hope you have gotten a lot of value out of our website news training. I would like to offeryou a free ½ hour consultation and website audit. To make sure you get the most out ofyour online marketing.We have worked with hundreds of businesses in a range of industries and can help put youon the right track. There is no obligation to buy anything, we simply want to help you outand make sure you are making the right choices.Give me a call on 1300 33 77 14 and I will help put you on the right track.So that you can build yourself as a leader in your market, get more sales from your websiteand rise above your competition in the search engines.CheersJustin MeadowsOnline Marketing StrategistEvergreen ProfitReboot Your Business Website Page 3