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Customer needs and automation


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Customer needs should be a priority for any business. Know how to address this using your website and also how automation can benefit your business processes.

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Customer needs and automation

  1. 1. Have More Questions? Evergreen Profit News UpdateHi. This is Justin Meadows with another website news update. Today we’re going to talkabout focusing on your customer’s needs with your website and a few tips on how you canautomate and systemize your business to save you some time.Focus On Customer Needs Firstly, focusing on your customer’s needs with your website. This is a huge mistakethat a lot of people make and it was very common, especially a little while ago. Every singlewebsite out there would go along the lines of; "Welcome to our business" and then startrambling on about how great we are, and how long we’ve been around, and what we doand who we are, how many people are on our team. That sort of thing. That was a verycommon theme with most websites a while ago.Those Days Are OverNow people are starting to realize, and you should make sure that you’re doing this withyour website, that you focus on what thecustomer is after. Why did the customer go to You’re in the business ofyour website? What are they looking for? Whatis their problem? What do they want to find? If solving their problem,you get inside the mind of your customer, and whatever that might can do this by simply asking some of yourbest customers a few questions, have a think about it, ask your staff perhaps what theythink might be good or might be what customers are asking about, might be whatcustomers are continuously looking for.A Practical Exercise To Identify The Change Required What you want to do is go through and think about what do they need to see whenthey first land on the website. What can I tell them that’s going to reassure them that we’rethe right business for them and we’re going to satisfy their needs and solve their problems.That’s what you’re really in the business of. You’re in the business of solving their problem,whatever that might be. You might be a plumber or you might be a café. Whatever it is. TheReboot Your Business Website Page 1
  2. 2. Have More Questions? EvergreenSupport.coproblem in the café for instance is they want somewhere to go and have a chat and havesomething to eat and maybe a coffee.You Only Have A Few Seconds To Convince ThemWhen people land on your website, they need to see that you’re the one that can solvetheir problem. Without talking about yourselfand what you provide, talk more about their Everything needs to be aboutneeds and how you understand their needs and solving the customer’show perhaps you have helped other people with problems…these similar problems.But It Is Not Just About The WebsiteApart from just the website, it’s important that you’re doing this with every part of yourmarketing, from your business cards to your logo, to your website, to your fliers, to yourshop front. Everything needs to be about solving the customer’s problems, about thebenefits that you can provide to them, not the features of the products or services that youhave. It’s important to make that distinction between features and benefits. You want tomake sure that your marketing and your website, at every page of your website, is benefitsdriving. It’s focusing on the benefit that you can provide to the customer through yourservices, not about the actual services that you provide or the product that you have.What Can You Automate In Your Business?In terms of automation, a great thing that you can do, especially if you have a large numberof staff and you find yourself doing the same things over and over or your staff are doing thesame things over and over, is to look at ways that you can either a) Automate that so thatnobody has to do it. It can be something that is done by software or by some sort ofexternal automation source. The next thing you want to look at is how you can create thesystems and checklists to make sure that it gets done the same time every single time andthat anyone can pick up that checklist or that system or instructions and follow it throughsimply and easily.The Benefits Of A Good SystemThat will ensure that not only that it gets done to thesame quality level each time, but also speed up theprocess if the person doing it knows exactly what arethe next steps. If you’re doing something over and over,you don’t have to reinvent the way that you do it eachtime. It’s best if you can create a standard operatingprocedure or a checklist or a system for how that getsdone to ensure that it gets done the same way and getsdone quickly and completely.Reboot Your Business Website Page 2
  3. 3. Have More Questions? EvergreenSupport.coA Practical Exercise For Creating SystemsOne exercise you can do is just for one week think about every day at the end of the daywrite down all the things that you did during that day that someone else could’ve done orthat you’ve done repetitively and perhaps could’ve written down and systemized and madeit easier for yourself even to be able to repeat those tasks or maybe hand them over tosomeone else. Do that for one week and I’m sure you’ll find a number of things in yourbusiness that you can streamline and systemize.I’m Justin Meadows. This is Evergreen Profit. I’ll talk to you soon.Free Consultation and Website AuditI hope you have gotten a lot of value out of our website news training. I would like to offeryou a free ½ hour consultation and website audit. To make sure you get the most out ofyour online marketing.We have worked with hundreds of businesses in a range of industries and can help put youon the right track. There is no obligation to buy anything, we simply want to help you outand make sure you are making the right choices.Give me a call on 1300 33 77 14 and I will help put you on the right track.So that you can build yourself as a leader in your market, get more sales from your websiteand rise above your competition in the search engines.CheersJustin MeadowsOnline Marketing StrategistEvergreen ProfitReboot Your Business Website Page 3