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  1. 1. VISUAL COMMUNICATION AND ADVERTISING Elements of the communication process context transmiter receiver message Encoding Noise Channel
  2. 2. Refers to the conditions that precedecontext or surround the communication Agent who wants to expresstransmiter something to someone. Those information that transmitter wants to express ( ideas, information,message feelings....) Agent who receives the information.receiver Signs and rules thar are known by both agents ( transmiter and receiver)Encoding in order to encode and decode the information. Its the mean of communication thatChannel is used to send the message by trasmitter (e.g. Newspaper, walls,cinema,etc) Refers to the conditions thatNoise precede or surround the communication.
  3. 3. VISUAL COMMUNICATION Text + imageThere are different fields on visual advertising, so depending on wichchannel is used by designers there are advertisements, advert oronly ad, on paper with still images (magazines, papers, posters, etc)and commercials on audiovisual media (TV, video, etc). ADVERTISING ADVERTISEMENT An advertisement has a basic structure: Image + Motto + small text + trademark or logo
  4. 4. Motto is the sentence wich support the image. The relationship between image and motto is very important to get a good advertisement. Image is the most importan element because it is responsible of catching customers attention. Small text is the text which give more details ( properties of the product, prices, etc.) Trademark is the official brands image that everybody knows.This structure can be changed to reinforce the message and sometimes one or two elements areremoved.
  5. 5. Advertising Strategy There are many strategies to develop an advert but basically they are: Objective, comparative, aesthetic and spectacularObjective. The object is shown clearly and quality is the most important property tohighlight. The small text usually gives interesting and accurate extra information. Thiskind of ads are thought for experts and people really interested in good quality.
  6. 6. Comparative. Advertiser makes a comparison between the product orservice and other object which has some interesting properties.
  7. 7. Aesthetic. Object or service is not directly shown because it is imposible or verydifficult to do it ( e.g. An insurance). So the image symbolize an object or idea( usually abstract ones). It is a kind of comparison.
  8. 8. Spectacular. The ad just looks for catching customers attention usingshoching images. Visual metaphors and other resources are used tocatch attention.
  9. 9. Subverting ( subvert+advertising)The use of techniques of advertising without a trade purpose. It is used to protest againstsomething related with social issues. In Subverting advertisements the messagecontained is changed to reflect the political beliefs of the activists. Care is taken to retainthe original look of the advert so that the message has more impact once people havedone a double take.