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Maybe youve heard of Joe Vitale. Hes also known asMr. Fire and has many books to his credit. Ive read a few and found all ...
- unless you want to direct them to the Divinity.      Because were not aware of HOW we created the memories (since were n...
Zero Limits and the Miracle Healing Ho'oponopono
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Zero Limits and the Miracle Healing Ho'oponopono


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You Can Overcome Your Limitations - Click Here To Find Out How!

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Zero Limits and the Miracle Healing Ho'oponopono

  1. 1. Maybe youve heard of Joe Vitale. Hes also known asMr. Fire and has many books to his credit. Ive read a few and found all of them tobe inspirational in one way or another. However, one in particular has changed mylife more than any other. It all started when a friend forwarded an email originated by Joe which toldthe story of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. Apparently, Dr. Hew Len cured an entire wardof criminally insane patients at the Hawaiian State Mental Hospital where heworked. As if that wasnt a feat in itself, he didnt even see or speak to any ofthe patients! Who wouldnt be skeptical AND curious! I researched the story on the Internetand began to learn about the healing method used by Dr. Hew Len. Its a Hawaiianprocess called Self I-dentity Through Hooponopono (SITH). Hooponopono means "tomake right" - "to rectify an error" and its purpose is to open doors to a deeperawareness of ones divine purpose here on earth. Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len wrote "Zero limits", which presents details of theHooponopono process and instructions for using it, plus more information about Dr.Hew Lens accomplishment with the patients at the hospital. As a result of readingthat book, a friend and I registered for a course led by Dr. Hew Len. Hawaiians believe that each of us has an inner family: Aumakua (Father, superconscious/spiritual aspect); Uhane (Mother, conscious self); and the Unihipili(Child, unconscious self). In partnership with the Divine, this family makes up ourSelf I-dentity. We learned that who we are is whole and perfect. That isnt new information,of course. But what creates our experiences that are less than perfect; thesuffering in our life? Dr. Hew Len explained that we are constantly re-experiencingmemories that the Unihipili has been holding onto since the beginning of creation. The Unihipili can be compared to the hard-drive of a computer. It is thestorage device for everything that we have ever experienced. From what Iunderstand, our conscious mind can only hold onto a maximum of 15 thoughts at anyone time, whereas our unconscious is estimated to have stored 15 million!!!! NowTHATS a lot of memories! No wonder our lives are so messed up! Everything thats happening in our life is caused by a memory that recursagain and again. Whether its an illness, a mental/emotional challenge, a way ofliving that causes stress, a thought form, or anything else, its ALL the result ofmemories replaying in our unconscious. The Hooponopono process allows for those memories to be transmuted by theDivinity into pure energy. As a result, we can then live through inspiration ratherthan memories. How is that done? There is much that I cannot share about the process, but Ican tell you a very simple way to get started. All you have to do is say fourlittle phrases whenever youre experiencing anything of a "negative" nature: · Im sorry· Please forgive me· I love you· Thank you By far the most important of these is "I love you." Constantly repeating thephrase in your mind can create significant changes in your life. The phrases dontneed to be said in any particular order; and they arent said TO anyone or anything
  2. 2. - unless you want to direct them to the Divinity. Because were not aware of HOW we created the memories (since were not privyto all our incarnations since the beginning of creation), saying "Im sorry" and"Please forgive me" is really a petition meaning "Im sorry for whatever caused meto accept the memory in the first place, and please forgive me for accepting it." "I love you" is about loving the memory for coming into your awareness sothat it can be transmuted/healed. You may not know what it is, but if somethingunwanted comes into your life/awareness, its up for healing and, by loving it, youcan begin the transmutation process. "Thank you" probably doesnt need anyexplanation, but you are showing your gratitude for the opportunity to transmutethe memory. These four little phrases can begin to change your life... whether youbelieve in the process or not! Dr. Hew Len says thats all he did to heal thosepatients at the hospital. He took their files into his office and focused on thememory within himself that created the experience of those patients. Thats becausewe ALL share those memories. If someone experiences something and we become awareof it, then that memory also resides in our own unconscious. It sounds so simple, yet mind-blowing at the same time! But I have to tellyou that it really does work. The healing for me has been profound. I highly recommend taking a Hooponopono course if you feel drawn to do so.Theres so much more information available through it which will transform yourlife even more! You can find details of upcoming courses at Anyaa Hredulla has been on a conscious spiritualpath for more than twenty years and is the author of "Joy Makers: My Tools forSelf-Empowerment" available at where she also sharesReflections on many of her personal challenges, and offers powerful, practicaltools on Personal, Physical, Economic, and Spiritual Empowerment. Learn how you cantake back your power in every area of your life to live in true freedom, and claimyour FREE GIFTS by visiting Anyaas website today. Article Source:'redulla ==================================================================== You Can Overcome Your Limitations - Click Here To Find Out How! ===========================================================