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If you Don't Know How to Publish with Kindle


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Writers... Get the inside information on - How to publish for Kindle!

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If you Don't Know How to Publish with Kindle

  1. 1. ==== ====Writers... Get the inside information on - How to publish for Kindle! ====The publishing industry has changed, and as writers we need to learn how to change with it. Thetrend has changed from traditional books to the eBook and Amazon is leading the way. The retailgiant recently announced that Kindle books have officially overtook paperbacks for the first time.Jump on this trend by publishing to Kindle.Getting StartedAmazon makes it easy to get started. First you will need an Amazon Direct Publishing account. Ifyou are an customer, you can even use the same email and password. You will berequired to enter your name, address, and tax information. You will also be asked the mostimportant question which is how you want to be paid.Edit and Then Edit Some MoreNo amount of publicity or promotion can make up for a poorly written and edited book. Upload onyour very best work that has been proofed numerous times by several people. Part of the stigmaattached to self published titles is the poor quality of the copy editing. Dont be part of thatproblem. Take the time to edit your book thoroughly.Design Your CoverRegardless of all the warnings, people do judge a book by its cover. Sure you can design yourown or hire someone to do it for you, but keep in mind that this is different than print. Your covermust stand out from others on a webpage, thats a little different than standing out on a shelf. Yourgoal is to make your cover so intriguing that people just have to click the title and learn more.(Hint: Test possible cover designs on your blog or website and let your readers select the bestone, the answers will surprise you.)ÂUpload Your ContentKindle Direct Publishing makes it easy to upload your content by supporting many documentformats such,.doc,.pdf,.epub,.txt, and.prc. Select your format and upload yourbook and cover where indicated. It couldnt be easier.Publish Your BookPublishing to Kindle requires very little effort once your content is uploaded. You will be askedabout digital rights management, royalty preferences, book price, and a description of your book.There is a debate as to the best price for Kindle books, but most self published authors agree that
  2. 2. sales are better when books are priced below three dollars.Promote Your BookAll that is left to do is for you to promote your book. This can be as simple as telling your familyand friends or it can be as complicated as a ten page marketing plan. The point is that success ofyour book depends not only on the quality of the work, but also that amount of work you put intogetting the word out. And you thought the hard part was writing the book!ÂNow that you know the basics to publishing on Kindle, why dont you get started living the life of aKindle author?Dana Michelle Burnett is the bestselling Kindle author of Home Decorating for the Real World. Herfirst fiction novel Ghost Country: A Novel was published to Kindle in December of 2010. Sheshares her experiences as an author at her blog Indie Author Guide.Article Source: ====Writers... Get the inside information on - How to publish for Kindle! ====