Weight Loss TipsFor Women!!


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Weight Loss TipsFor Women!!

  1. 1. ==== ====Motivation And Weightlosshttp://www.thespecialkclub.com==== ====Women and men have completely different makeups and therefore when it comes to losing weightwhat works for a man would not necessarily work for a woman. But overall the rules are verysimilar.In this article I am focusing on weightloss tips that will help women lose those extra pounds andkeep them off permanently.Obesity and being overweight is fast becoming a problem worldwide for millions of people. Thesetips are aimed at helping you stay out of this problem group to improve your health and to look andfeel great. You are not meant to be fat. For your body to be in perfect balance and health you needto drop the weight.Weightloss Tips For Women.Rule 1- Do not skip breakfast. When you skip breakfast your body takes this as a signal that foodis scarce and it will go into starvation mode and will begin to store fat to ensure your survival. Yourbody will always look after itself which is why you need to eat breakfast to stop it from storing fat. Agreat choice for breakfast is a high fiber cereal which will satisfy hunger and keep you fuller longer.You can flavour it with some fruit but whatever you do make sure you eat breakfast.Rule 2- Set Realistic Goals- Set up a plan that you can stick to and target your weightloss in aproactive way. To see results you need to put in the effort. Whether you need to lose 5 pounds or50 pounds set your goals to lose a certain amount of weight each week and stick to it. The weightwill not disappear overnight but once you start to see results it will motivate you to keep going. Forextra motivation cut out a picture of someone who already has the body that you want and look atit often. You can achieve the body you want. Start believing in yourself. Results can be amazingwhen you back yourself to achieve.Rule 3- Portion Control- Eat less more often. Eat to survive. By all means enjoy your food but donot eat it by the bucketload. Small portions frequently keep the metabolism burning and the weightdropping off. Work out what works best for you and stick to it.Rule 4- Exercise and Rest- To lose weight you need to get active. Aim to exercise at least 4 to 5times a week. You need to burn the fat off your body and the most effective way to do this isthrough physical activity. However, your body also needs rest so be sure to take 2 days a week offexercise. This allows the body to rest, rejuvenate and begin to change shape.
  2. 2. Losing weight is easy when you follow a successful program. For more nutritional advice click here[http://www.bestleanbody.info] and remember to grab your free book. This book will change yourbody completely in 14 days or less. Click here to read some commonsense tips on nutrition andand some fun ways to get exercise. Abby BurginArticle Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Abby_Burgin==== ====Motivation And Weightlosshttp://www.thespecialkclub.com==== ====