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Web Information Sites.

  1. 1. ==== ====Web Hostinghttp://fortuneincolocation.info==== ====Web hosting is a necessity when starting your web presence, with out it you dont have a site, butfinding high quality web hosting can be a daunting challenge, after all, do you need one gigabyteof bandwidth, web hosting with one IP, unlimited databases or a free domain name. What doesthis really mean and what should you be looking for when you try to find a suitable web hostingcompany.Web hosting companies are extremely profitable if they are popular, they have high start-up costs,but over time their general overheads dramatically reduce (proportionally). This is evident if youthink that they have to pay to get directly connected to the backbone in order to establish thefastest possible connection, they need secure fire resistance premises, equipment, support staffand much more.Once established their costs per web hosting account reduce, if you go to a major web hostingcompany and order a web hosting server, all they are really doing is adding a computer to theirexisting network, therefore splitting the overall costs. Then you pay approximately $150-$200 permonth to keep that dedicated web hosting server.Your web hosting requirementsYou need to realistically establish what web hosting requirementsyou have for your site, do you really need 400 gigabytes of bandwidth (transfer) per month? Mostsites are lucky to use 2 gigabytes per month from their web hosting account. Databases areanother big issue, many web hosting companies change extra for databases, when in actual factthey dont cost anything to maintain as they reside on the same server. So before you proceed,you need to analyse what web hosting requirements you really have, look at the scriptrequirements you have of any potential software products you plan to use on your web hostingaccount.Another limitation a lot of web hosting companies impose is the amount of mailboxes you canhave, many people start on the internet with the intention of offering their friends, family and staffemail boxes as well as numerous emails for their site, for example webmaster@domain.com ,support@domain.com , jobs@domain.com and contact@domain.com . The chances are youreally dont need that many mail boxes and administering them can be a gruelling task.You know your web hosting requirements, what next?Your primary goal should be to visit webhosting information sites in order to obtain a list of potential web hosting companies. A great webhosting information resource is Web Hosting Village, they provide web hosting articles, news andinformation, and in fact the best place to start your search for quality web hosting.Creating a list of potential web hosting companiesGiven that web hosting companies areprofitable, they tend to advertise immensely across the internet. The more successful a web
  2. 2. hosting company is the more they are willing to spend on web hosting related advertising.Therefore finding hosting companies via paid advertising, such as Googles Adsense, is generallya good idea as this a good step to take to establish how successful they have been.Short listingIn order to short list your potential web hosting companies you need to visit each siteand just quickly look around, if the design is poor or they dont offer adequate support, then thechances are this web hosting company is not for you. Whether you are new to the whole webhosting experience or an expert, there will eventually be a time when you need to contact yourweb hosting support. If they are non existent then you will really have a problem, so establishingtheir channels of communication and support should be one of your top priorities when selecting aweb hosting company.Inside informationOnce you have a shortlist of several web hosting companies, you need toresearch them via forums and webmaster communities. Chances are if someone has had a badexperience or extremely good they will want to write about it somewhere on the internet.SelectionYou should now have a list of two to three potential web hosting companies who you arereally impressed with, now you need to make the selection. The best way is to weigh up thefeatures and price and be really realistic as to your requirements, we have all been in the situationwhere we have been over ambitious and bought something that is too advanced for us.If you have a winning concept that will make you bigger than Yahoo or eBay, the chances are youstill dont need a mega server when you start off, you just need something small and stable thatwill allow you to develop and promote your business. Once you have a good source of income youcan upgrade your web hosting account with your current supplier and not experience anydowntime whatsoever, so why pay for a mega web hosting account when you can get by with a$19.99 a month web hosting account and use the additional amount on marketing or development.James Piper, the owner of http://www.webhostingvillage.com, and avid web hosting enthusiastinvites you to visit the internets best web hosting resource, Web Hosting Village. We haveinformation and articles on everything from web hosting to dedicated servers.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=James_Piper==== ====
  3. 3. Web Hostinghttp://fortuneincolocation.info==== ====