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Get it right!

  1. 1. ==== ====Free Web Hosting ====Free web hosting sites should not be your main site. They can, however, offer some advantages.Although most of these sites usually do not allow you to set up a for-profit business, they canprovide a source of traffic and revenue to your primary site.Free Web Hosting AdvantagesOne thing about free hosting is that these sites offer all the tools you need to very quickly andeasily create a page. Design and layout options, page counters, guestbooks - all of thesecomponents are very simple to add and make a professional looking page in no time.Of course the price is right, too. You are not going to get a lot of space or bandwidth, but the ideais to create a simple page that possibly showcases one or more of your products, or simply offersa listing for further information.With free web hosting, you might gain traffic you are otherwise missing at your main site. The freehosting site works behind the scenes to drive traffic, why not capitalize on it? Your page can alsobe included in the hosts directory of sites, ensuring that the host will do its best to drive trafficthere.More pages with more inbound links to your website is good SEO. This is one of the best ways toincrease page ranking. As long as your free sites contain good content, the links are valuable.How To Use A Free SiteIf you want to start a pay per click campaign, you can use a free site to place your banner ads onyour own free page, which will generate you even more income. There is no point setting up alarge number of free sites, but one or two additional pages will take little time and effort. The trickis to ensure they are updated regularly so they achieve the best page ranking.What free host does the author recommend?I went through a lot of free hosts when i was starting out my website, and there are the good andthere are the bad. UltimateSiteHost as a free hosting provider because it has great features, anddoes NOT force ads on your website. You can even sign up[] with a free subdomain.
  2. 2. Article Source: ====Free Web Hosting ====