Best Practices for Emergency Notification Featuring The Private Bank


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Best Practices for Emergency Notification Featuring The Private Bank

  1. 1. Best Practices for Emergency Notification Featuring The Private Bank Jeneen Townsend, MBCIAssociate Managing Director, The Private Bank & Trust Company Keith Tyndall Director Product Marketing, Everbridge
  2. 2. About Everbridge• Everbridge empowers better decisions with interactive communications throughout the incident lifecycle to protect your most important assets• Recognized in the 2012 Gartner Magic Quadrant on Emergency / Mass Notification as g y a Leader in the industry• Everbridge helps more than 30 million people communicate in a crisis and connect on a daily basis.• The company’s notification platform is backed by an elastic infrastructure model that delivers near i fi it scale, advanced mobile infinite l d d bil connectivity, and real-time reporting and analytics.• More than 1 000 organizations in over 100 1,000 countries rely on Everbridge for their emergency needs 2
  3. 3. AgendaAgenda gPart 1: Presentation• Notification process best practices of The Private Bank• How to train your staff on what to expect during an emergency g y• The importance of updating personnel data• How to improve adoption by mapping communications to p p y pp g your organizational structurePart 2: Q&AAre you on Twitter? Follow us at @everbridge andtweet insights with your friends during the webinarusing the hashtag #everbridge 3
  4. 4. Q&ANote:Presentation slides are available on our blogat Blog everbridge com Use the Q&A function to submit your b it questions. 4
  5. 5. Jeneen Townsend, MBCIAssociate Managing DirectorThe Private Bank & Trust Company 5
  6. 6. About Our Organization g 6
  7. 7. About Our Organization g 7
  8. 8. Presentation Overview • Concerns • Creation of Business • Relationship Continuity Communications • Decision Making Committee • Conception • Creating Scenario Based Scripts • Implementation • Expectations • Incident Occurs • Lessons Learned • Unexpected Blessing • Best Practices 8
  9. 9. ConcernsHistory:• At approximately 5:00 p.m. on October 17, 2003, a fire began in a storage closet on the 12th floor of a Cook County Administration Building in Chicago• No Fire Safety Director personnel at the building, the building y p g, g engineer decided to evacuate• Emergency Voice/Alarm Communications (EVAC) system was activated, informing personnel they should evacuate• The Chicago Fire Department (CFD) was called and began fighting the fire from the southeast stairway on the 12th floor 9
  10. 10. Relationship pAnd so the story begins…• Relationship began in late 2008• Tool turned over to BC Coordinator in C di t i early 2009 l 10
  11. 11. Decision Making g• The Organization grows from 250 employees to 800 employees almost overnight• Review of Communication Plans demonstrates a large gap in i our DR planning efforts l i ff t• Current method will take hours to implement based upon #’s• It becomes crystall clear th t an Automated Alert system is b t l that A t t d Al t t i needed to reach staff quickly and efficiently 11
  12. 12. Decision Making g • Everbridge (formerly 3N) was chosen • This decision was based upon a need to not only send information via Automated Alerts but also to provide us with the ability to receive information back 12
  13. 13. Conception p• The Organization prepares for the new Automated Alert system  Everbridge offers classes  BC C C Coordinator is made the Application Administrator  Application Administrator takes all of the appropriate classes and designs the upload file 13
  14. 14. Conception p• Decision making is based upon Methods of Contact  Work Phone  Home Phone  Mobile Device  SMS for Mobile Device (for text messages)  Work e-mail address e mail 14
  15. 15. Conception p• Groups were created for specific Teams based upon Roles  BC Planners  Safe Meeting Place Wardens  Emergency Response Team  Business Resumption Team Tier 1  Business Resumption Team Tier 2 15
  16. 16. Conception p• Attributes are created based upon plans for ad hoc filtering  Organization  Location Building  Floor  Officer Level  Profit Center information was originally included; however later however, deleted  This information is stored within the Business Continuity planning application and is easier to maintain in one location  Is not necessary for filtering within this tool 16
  17. 17. Implementation p• Process is created for HR to provide data dump from the ADP system  This is done every 1 to 2 weeks  Process is manual with CSV file uploads  ADP content is not considered 100% accurate  Therefore, a feed is decided to be inappropriate e e o e, eed s dec ded o app op a e• Update Delivery Methods with appropriate options and order 17
  18. 18. Implementation p• Initial file is uploaded into Everbridge• How-To’s are created for employees and added to the Intranet• An announcement is made to employees introducing them to Everbridge• E l Employees are asked t update and maintain th i C t t k d to d t d i t i their Contact Information• Business Continuity Communications Committee is created  Scripts are created for basic scenarios 18
  19. 19. Power Outage at Primary Data Center g y• Power Outage occurs before employees are able to update their own Information in the Automated Alert System• Emergency Response Team React• BC Coordinator is called while on vacation in Tennessee• Alert System Messages are being prepared using BC Communications C C i ti Committee approved alert scripts itt d l t i t 19
  20. 20. Power Outage at Primary Data Center g y• A call to the Everbridge Client Care Operator provides peace of mind• Alerts are sent in a matter of minutes (not hours)• Alerts are able to go out to staff in the evening to prepare staff for the next day• ADP dump made all of this possible 20
  21. 21. Unexpected Blessing p gEverbridge Administrator realizes that Staff’s personalinformation is not stored within EverbridgeDuring the initial decision making process for methods ofcontact, we did not realize that we needed to add additionaldelivery methods to the tool  Personal Mobile Device  SMS for Personal Mobile Device (for text messages) ( g )  Personal e-mail address 21
  22. 22. Unexpected Blessing p gStaff are . . .• Now able update their own Personal Contact Information• Made aware that text messages may incur charges by their carriers 22
  23. 23. Expectations p Cognitive abilities are diminished during times of crisis… • Train staff on what to expect through Quarterly Automated Alert System Exercises, Open Houses, Table Top Exercises, etc. • Help your staff to go into ‘auto pilot’ on tasks you exercise routinely… 23
  24. 24. Lesson Learned • Alerts via Recorded Voice to Phone #’s:  Create a pre-recorded opening Line for all phone calls o Referencing your Company Name o ‘Call is for employee of ______’ o ‘Press 1 to Proceed’ o Roommates may listen to the message and think that it is from their employer  Everbridge staff will assist with this very important step • Auditors like for you to include Automated Alerts via phone #’s during testing (not just email addresses)
  25. 25. Lesson Learned• Test your Automated Alert system quarterly• Staff need to be reminded to click CONFIRM• Be ready for staff to immediately return your call without listening to the li t i t th message• Some staff may say that there was ‘no message’ on their mobile phone  Set the system up to repeat the message  Educate staff that mobile phone connectivity may be playing a role here
  26. 26. Lesson Learned Scripts • Preplan your scripts as much as possible • Include an expected time ‘by or before’ for the next p y message (during an incident)
  27. 27. Lesson Learned • Items to Carry at ALL TIMES:  Extra batteries for mobile phone  Tablet and/or laptop powered and ready to go  Packet of Emergency Management Information in your briefcase • BC Coordinator’s own Lessons Learned  Align your contract terms with your use scenarios o Get the best Bang for your buck! o Know what you are and are not being charged for…
  28. 28. Lesson Learned • Everbridge Important Info: g p • Keep the URL handy!! • K Keep th E b id 800 Cli t C the Everbridge Client Care # H d Handy (#866-436-4911) • Keep your Member # and Password Handy – Save to your IE Favorites p p » On laptop » On BlackBerry (Mobile Aware – new product) » On tablet – In Packet – In Contact Lists!
  29. 29. Best Practices Methods • Send a test messages to yourself PRIOR to EVERY message deployment • Send separate Alerts (or build into a ‘Scenario’)  First send to e-mail address(es)  Secondly, send to phone #’s  Insert a couple of minutes between the two methods, if possible p , p (dependent upon the situation)  Text messages may be a better solution » W are currently analyzing thi method We tl l i this th d
  30. 30. Best Practices • Alerts via Recorded Voice to Phone #’s: # s:  Appropriately space -- words ---- for --- computer --- voice  Repeat messages • Keep messages short and to the point  Initially our messages were quite long  Staff will not read the entire message  Keep lines of text to a minimum 3-5 lines
  31. 31. Demo Chad Sanders Senior Sales Engineer, Team Lead Everbridge 31
  32. 32. Incident Notification Solutions AddressCommon Communication Challenges • Reduce miscommunications • Communicate quickly, easily, and control rumors with and efficiently with large accurate, consistent messages numbers of people in minutes, not hours, making sure that the • Satisfy regulatory lines of communication are open requirements with extensive and complete reporting of • Receive feedback from your communication attempts and messages by using polling two-way acknowledgements f t k l d t from capabilities biliti recipients • Ensure two-way • Deliver refined, prepared , refined communications to get timed messages to each pre- feedback from message designated audience group, by receivers scenario 32
  33. 33. Everbridge Advantages g gExisting Notification Vendor’sInfrastructure: • Static algorithms based on capacity limitations, not actual call volumes during a disaster - Failure-prone from unexpected volumes of message output - No ability to burst to meet wide-scale system usageThe Everbridge Advantage: • Near-infinite scale achieved - Multiple redundant VoiP & PSTN providers - Elastic capacity accommodates highest l hi h t volume of outbound calls i f tb d ll in the industry
  34. 34. Advanced Connectivity for a Mobile World y• Communicate from anywhere, y , • Support for popular mobile pp p p under any circumstances or platforms (Apple iOS, Android, & conditions BlackBerry)• L b d idth optimized t Low-bandwidth ti i d to ensure delivery in adverse conditions 34
  35. 35. Note:Q&A Presentation slides are available on our blog at g g Use the Q&A function to submit your b it questions. 35
  36. 36. Contact InformationThank you for joining us today!Jeneen Townsend, MBCIjtownsend@theprivatebank.comjtownsend@theprivatebank comKeith Everbridge Resources On-Demand Webinars: White papers, case studies and moreReminder gEverbridge InsightsE b id I i ht webinars biqualify for Continuing EducationActivity Points (CEAPs) for DRII Follow us:certifications. Visit www.drii.orgto register your credit. @everbridgeItem Number (Schedule II): 26 3 26.3Activity Group: A Point for each webinar