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Lunch and Learn 2 - We're Not Alone


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The second event in the Lunch and Learn Series, focused on taking a look at how similar communities to Albion have rebuilt their economies and recreated their identity through social networks. The discussion will focus on how Albion can use similar strategies.

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Lunch and Learn 2 - We're Not Alone

  1. 1. We’re Not Alone Learning From Other Communities David Skean
  2. 2. Series Overview • June 19th – Current State of Social Media Marketing In Albion • July 10th – We’re not Alone – Learning from Other Communities • July 24th – Social Media Strategies for Profit and Nonprofit Organizations • August 7th- Action Steps For Community Partnership Promotion
  3. 3. Session 1 Recap • 7 out of 10 Albion businesses use social media. • 66% of Albion businesses with social media only have one platform. • Facebook is the most utilized platform for small businesses in Albion. • The majority of social media business pages were rated poorly
  4. 4. Session Overview • Comparable cities • Helena West-Helena, Arkansas • Douglas, Georgia • Strategic takeaways • Role of social media in community development • Mainstreet 4 point approach • What is Albion doing • Rising tide
  5. 5. Helena West-Helena, Arkansas • Similar population size and demographics • Economic downturn in 2000s • Strategic plan development focused on 5 fundamental pillars of community life (Delta Bridge Project) 1. Economic development 2. Housing 3. Education 4. Leadership development 5. Healthcare.
  6. 6. Douglas, Georgia • Similar demographics to Albion (population, median income, etc.) • Focused on leadership development and diversifying local industry • Support and nurture small business entrepreneurs • Connect new entrepreneurs with established business owners. • Published a guide called, “How to Start and Grow a Business”. • Incubator to allow businesses to lease a space to test the market. • Tax abatement packages
  7. 7. Takeaways From Similar Communities 1. People are important 2. Keep the overall benefits in mind 3. Celebrate short term success.
  8. 8. Social Media in Community Development • Social media can be the glue that holds the community vision together • Mobilizes residents • Aligns viewpoints and strategy with citizens creating a larger and more efficient impact • Reduce barriers to economic development • Getting everyone involved or represented • Organizes meetings and events in the town • Stream development meetings to keep everyone in the loop • Maintains image and momentum of development campaign (example: #BuildAlbion, #AlbionRising)
  9. 9. Main Street Four Point Approach 1. Design - Enhance and beautify the physical appearance of the downtown. 2. Organization - Focused on volunteer recruitment, training and fundraising efforts. 3. Promotion - Create promotions and special events to bring people downtown. - Emphasis on partnerships. - When one wins we all win. 4. Economic Restructuring -Revitalize by strengthening existing businesses and recruiting new ones.
  10. 10. What is Albion Doing? • Currently experiencing revitalization • Infusing new businesses (hotel, brewery, bakery) • City’s 2017 Comprehensive plan mentions • Improvements in business development • Public infrastructure • Housing • Transportation • Public and environmental health • Entertainment and recreation.
  11. 11. Rising Tide Social Media Marketing Strategies • Create a central page to communicate with current and potential residents, business owners, visitors, and media alike. • Maintain a posting schedule that organizes community efforts • Create awareness of Albion, the potential economic opportunities, and quality of life by creating an ongoing stream of content including: • Area history • Job openings • New announcements • Events • Press coverage
  12. 12. Takeaways • Social media is not often included in information about economic development • Social media can enhance “traditional” economic development strategies • Think, talk, and discuss how social media can amplify activities in Albion such as Rising Tide, while also supporting businesses and organizations
  13. 13. Q&A