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50 states


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50 states

  1. 1. Everardo vega Per. 6
  2. 2.  Capital city: Sacramento Admission to state: September 9, 1850 State bird: California valley Quail Border states: Arizona, Nevada, Oregon Lowest point: Death valley,282 ft below sea level
  3. 3.  Capital city: Trenton State bird: Eastern Goldfinch Border states: Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania State flower: Violet ,Viola sororia Highest point: 1,803 ft
  4. 4.  Capital city: Carson city State bird: Mountain Bluebird State flower: Sagebrush Lowest point: Colorado river 470 ft Population: 1,998,257
  5. 5.  Capital city: Tallahassee State bird: Mockingbird Border state: Alabama and Georgia State Flower: Orange blossom Citrus sinensis Population: 15,982,378
  6. 6.  Capital City: Salem State bird: Western meadowlark Border state: California, Idaho, Nevada, Washington Sate flower: Oregon Grape Population: 3,421,399
  7. 7.  Capital city: Albany State bird: Bluebird State flower: Rose State border: Connecticut, Massachusetts, new Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode island Population: 18,976,457
  8. 8.  Capital City: Olympia State bird: Willow Goldfinch Border states: Idaho and Oregon State flower: Pink Rhododendron Population: 5,894,121
  9. 9.  Capital City: Phoenix State bird: Cactus Wren Border state: California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah State flower: Saquaro cactus blossom Population: 5,130,632
  10. 10.  Capital city: Providence State bird: Rhode island red Border states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York State flower: Violet Population: 1,048,319
  11. 11.  Capital city: Austin State Bird: Mockingbird Border states: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma State flower: Blue bonnet Population: 20,851,820