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Bridging the Gap Between Acquisition and Retention - Samantha Noble


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Samantha Nobles slides from dmsso17

Published in: Marketing
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Bridging the Gap Between Acquisition and Retention - Samantha Noble

  1. 1. SamJaneNoble Bridging the gap between Acquisition & Retention Increase customer LTV S A M A N T H A N O B L E # D M S S O
  3. 3. Why are we so focused on new customer acquisition?
  4. 4. We should be putting more effort into Customer Loyalty
  5. 5. 7x more expensive to acquire new customers
  6. 6. Customer Match
  7. 7. Target email addresses from your CRM database
  8. 8. Positive & negative bid adjustments Show specific ads or landing pages to specific audiences Bid on more generic keywords than you usually would Stop certain audiences from seeing your ads
  9. 9. When did Customer Match launch? Launch Date September 2015 October 2013 October 2013 April 2017 June 2017 NA NA
  10. 10. @gmail @outlook @hotmail Upload Email Lists Matching Process Targeted Audience Advertise How does Customer Match work?
  11. 11. What do we need to match at a minimum to target the audience? Match Rate Minimum 1,000 20 20 300 100 NA NA
  12. 12. On average Google match 50.40%
  13. 13. Wordstream uploaded 360k email addresses; these were the results
  14. 14. You want to cleanse & segment the data before you upload it
  15. 15. Segmenting the customer database Age and/or Gender Location (country, city) Month and year of purchase or enquiry Lifetime value of the customer Product or serviced purchased/enquired about
  16. 16. Segmenting the email database Age and/or Gender Date of last opened email Location (country, city) Types of content they enjoy reading Date of sign up
  17. 17. Strategies for Loyalty
  18. 18. 65% of consumers say receiving rewards impacts their purchase frequency Source: Social Annex
  19. 19. 80% of shoppers would switch stores if offered a compelling promotion Source: Access Development
  20. 20. How can we use paid media to encourage loyalty?
  21. 21. These cover everything All Platforms
  22. 22. Use dedicated landing pages for existing customers to show different messaging & offers
  23. 23. Create a section or page on site to promote a loyalty scheme
  24. 24. Ensure you always show reviews and testimonials on your website landing pages
  25. 25. The major search engines AdWords & Bing
  26. 26. Stop customers going to a competitor using RLSA with competitor keyword bidding
  27. 27. Offer unique discounts for existing customers and get them to appear in ads they see
  28. 28. Stop showing new customers offers in ads or landing pages to your existing customer base
  29. 29. Use search ads for Brand+Loyalty Scheme terms to drive traffic to your site rather than another
  30. 30. Things we can’t do on Bing AdWords
  31. 31. Add special offers in Shopping Ads that only existing customers can see
  32. 32. Run Promoted Pin adverts to existing customers with offers to bring them back in the store
  33. 33. Aggregated reviews automatically appear in search ads and make them stand out
  34. 34. Customer Match with Gmail Ads can be great for promoting loyalty schemes to customers
  35. 35. Upselling to existing customers with related product ads using Gmail Sponsored Promotions
  36. 36. Create urgency in ads using Countdown timers to include repeat offers for a limited time
  37. 37. Segment your customers into purchase month to target and encourage repeat purchases
  38. 38. Track email clicks and build a remarketing list to encourage purchases based on content read
  39. 39. Use App Engagement on the Search Network to entice customers to use your app
  40. 40. App Engagement on the GDN can also be used to encourage customers to use the app
  41. 41. The biggest social network Facebook & Instagram
  42. 42. Remarketing to showcase relevant additional products a customer may buy
  43. 43. Messenger Ads for customers can be used to promote repeat purchase deals
  44. 44. Lead Gen Ads are great for encouraging existing customers into your loyalty scheme
  45. 45. Target your loyal blog readers with a thank you message, then an eBook and then a sale
  46. 46. It’s not just for B2B Linkedin
  47. 47. Run a Sponsored InMail campaign to promote new product or service launches to customers
  48. 48. Lead Gen Ads on Linkedin are also great for encouraging signups to your loyalty scheme
  49. 49. Use the traditional ad formats to show relevant products or services and encourage repeat buys
  50. 50. Final Words
  51. 51. You work hard and spend budget to obtain new customers
  52. 52. Take full advantage of the audience targeting options
  53. 53. Get paid media teams working with other teams to share audience insights
  54. 54. This isn’t the future. This is now. We need to embrace it.
  55. 55. Customer Loyalty Strategies
  56. 56. SamJaneNoble View the slides here: # D M S S O
  57. 57. SamJaneNoble Thank you for listening. # D M S S O CON TA CT DETA ILS 0 7 8 6 9 1 1 4 3 0 0 i n f o @ b i d d a b l e m o m e n t s . c o m