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Automation for Market Intelligence by Barrie Jarman


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Digital Marketing Summit Southampton 2018, Barrie Jarman, Southampton, #Dmsso18, #DMSSO, #DigitalMarketing @red_volcano

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Automation for Market Intelligence by Barrie Jarman

  1. 1. Automation in Marketing @baj
  2. 2. Who we are: ● Marketing Intelligence company with offices in UK and US. ● 7 years developing automation technologies ● Clients in North America, Europe, and Asia @baj
  3. 3. Moore’s Law @baj
  4. 4. Moore’s Law: “The number of transistors in an integrated circuit doubles every 2 years” @baj
  5. 5. Moore’s Law: “Computers will get twice as quick every 2 years” @baj
  6. 6. Moore’s Law: ● George Moore - 1970 ● Co-founder of Intel ● Predicted trend would hold for at least 10 more years @baj
  7. 7. @baj
  8. 8. Moore’s Law Effect: @baj
  9. 9. Moore’s Law Effect: @baj
  10. 10. Moore’s Law Effect: ● Drives innovation ● Reduces cost to market ● Makes complex systems accessible @baj
  11. 11. Automation in product advertising @baj
  12. 12. Automation in product advertising: @baj
  13. 13. Automation in product advertising: @baj
  14. 14. Automation in digital advertising: @baj
  15. 15. Automation in digital advertising: @baj
  16. 16. Automation in digital advertising: @baj
  17. 17. Automation in digital advertising: @baj
  18. 18. Automation in digital advertising: @baj
  19. 19. Automation in digital advertising: @baj
  20. 20. Automation in Market Intelligence @baj
  21. 21. Thought experiment You have 10,000 people working for you Each have laptops They don’t require sleep You don’t have to pay them @baj
  22. 22. What do you ask them to do? @baj
  23. 23. Automation in market intelligence: @baj
  24. 24. Automation in market intelligence: @baj
  25. 25. Automation in market intelligence: Deep Web Crawling includes analysing: ● Competitor data signals ● Content behind forms/logins ● PDFs/ CSV’s @baj
  26. 26. Automation in market intelligence: Problem analysis - Anglo American needs to be informed of major fluctuations in battery / vehicle production in China, North America, and South America Barriers to problem: ● Too many data sources to check daily ● Not economically viable to check manually ● Data only viewed manually once every 3 months ● Opportunities missed by not viewing sites/data each day @baj
  27. 27. Automation in market intelligence: Solution provided: ● Automated scraping of data from 17 sources ● Sources checked daily ● Data checked by standard distribution for anomalies ● Client instantly informed when data peaks or drop outside normal behaviour ● UI built to allow analysts a central place to review all data and set up alerts @baj
  28. 28. Automation in market intelligence: Technology Tracking - Magma ● Tracks usage for technology across 10 million websites ● 2500+ technologies tracked ● Informs users when websites add or remove competitor technology @baj
  29. 29. Automation in market intelligence: What data is important to your business? @baj
  30. 30. Thank you @baj