Stephen Hughes-Beyond 2010 Presentation


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Stephen Hughes Keynote address at Beyond 2010 Live

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Stephen Hughes-Beyond 2010 Presentation

  1. 1. Responding to the Challenges – Beyond 2010 Stephen Hughes Chief Executive Birmingham City Council
  2. 2. • Deliver improved services • Meet the financial constraints • Achieve radical change to deliver better services on dramatically reduced budgets The Challenge :
  3. 3. The Financial Challenge Birmingham’s Perspective • Expect to have to save £330m over 3-4 years • Roughly equivalent to our Council Tax income • Equivalent to ⅓ of controllable spend • Significantly more than total “back office” budget
  4. 4. The Public Sector Production Function £ INPUTS PROCESSES OUTPUTS OUTCOMES People, Property, IT, Goods and Services Cut supplier prices Cut overheads Cut staff costs Sell assets Increase income Organisations Management Service Design Demand less input by: •Remove duplication •Redesign •Lean Mgt (cut rework) •Cost effective access •Reduce complexity •Coproduction Services Interventions Choose the most effective Use evidence Stop doing things Quality of Life Results Prioritise Limit priorities Remove outcomes How to save Elements
  5. 5. What we’ve looked at so far • 30% cut in administration • c £200m sale of assets • Further £50m pa saving from Business Transformation (in addition to £155m net to March 2010) • Review of income streams • Market testing options Provides about £90m pa savings
  6. 6. Birmingham’s Budget Plan • Clear Priorities • Challenging principles • Engagement
  7. 7. Enjoy a High Quality of Life Stay Safe in Clean, Green Neighbourhoods Be HealthySucceed Economically Increasing individual’s personal wealth and reducing relative poverty within the city Tailored support and protection for the most vulnerable people within the community – in particular children Enable people to choose healthy lifestyles and improve their wellbeing. Resulting in people LIVING WELL Increase public perceptions of safety and protect vulnerable people within the city Reduce health inequalities and mortality across Birmingham. Resulting in people LIVING LONGER Create a vibrant low carbon, low waste economy through the best use of environmental technologies, and ensure that Birmingham is prepared for the impact of climate change. Increase employment and economic activity within the city. Ensuring people have the education and skills to make the most of job opportunities Secure cleaner, greener, sustainable neighbourhoods empowering citizens to take greater responsibility for their environment Average wage levels Inspection Ratings - TBC Environmental Quality SurveyCO2 equivalent emissions Overall Employment Rate Life ExpectancyPerceptions of crime/safety QALY/Survey •Strategic Outcome •Sub-Outcome •Measures Birmingham 2026 Priorities
  8. 8. Change Principles • Business Transformation • Collaboration • Personalisation • Prevention • Self sufficiency • [Maximising income] Digital technologie s are essential to achieving these
  9. 9. EngagementEngagement
  10. 10. Summary • Unprecedented budget reductions • Old techniques don’t work • Must stop doing things • Use technology to support change • Educate – Members, staff, public • Integrate policy, finance and change