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  1. 1. Internal Partnership Marketing in HSE 21 November 2013 Gavin Parkinson – Digital Marketing and Evaluation
  2. 2. Introduction Partnership Marketing: development and delivery of messages via partnerships with other organisations… Internal Partnership Marketing in HSE: development and delivery of email messages via partnerships with experts around the organisation… Results: more stakeholders receive and take action on messages that are more relevant to them.
  3. 3. Bit about HSE • • Independent regulatory body • Do this by visiting and educating/informing businesses • eBulletins are key part of the educating/informing function in a digital by default world Keep people at work safe from harm and ill health at work
  4. 4. Role of Digital marketing in HSE • Huge subject; 200+ business types and categories of hazard • Digital Marketing; make it easier for visitors to stay abreast of news and updates
  5. 5. eBulletin model in HSE • Automation is good, but the personal touch is better • • Experts talk the language of subscribers Make it easy for colleagues to launch eBulletins and encourage greater interaction over time
  6. 6. Partnership Marketing Case study 1 Changes to RIDDOR – law requiring businesses to report injuries at work Audience; all businesses in UK Partnership marketing approach; • • • • Co-ordinate automated emails LinkedIn, Press Office, Twitter Push to one destination Encourage partners to push message to subscribers
  7. 7. Partnership Marketing Case study 1 • 24 emails dispatched – 17 managed – 7 automated • 50k+ visits to the RIDDOR webpage – 30% from partner managed emails – 5% from automated emails
  8. 8. Partnership Marketing Case study 2 Trainee Inspector recruitment campaign Audience; graduates, H&S experts, Partnership marketing approach; • • • • Encourage partners to push message to subscribers Co-ordinate automated emails LinkedIn adverts Monitor paid advertising
  9. 9. Partnership Marketing case study 2 23 email dispatched: –12 partnership emails dispatched –11 automated emails • 30k+ visits to the website – 47% from partnership emails – 9% from automated emails • Recruitment quota met!
  10. 10. Conclusions • 50 managed eBulletins; getting buy-in is tricky • Encourages eBulletin Managers to see the “Bigger Picture” • What would the result have been without the activity? - need to report back
  11. 11. Finally… • What could we achieve if we used a Government-wide partnership? Any questions?