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  1. 1. SME Education GovDelivery conference 21st November 2013 1
  2. 2. HMG Digital Strategy     Revolution not evolution 'Create digital services that are so straight forward and convenient that everyone who can use them chooses to do so' (Digital by default) Government savings Citizen benefits Cost of customer contact (from survey of 120 local councils):  Face to face = £8.62  Telephony = £2.83  Web = £0.15 2
  3. 3. HMRC Digital Strategy • To deliver a 21st century transparent tax system, enabled by digital self service, which is safe and easy to use • Develop digital capability throughout HMRC • Support transition to GOV.UK • Increase customer use of digital channel • Provide support for those who need it 3
  4. 4. Our role We will close the tax gap by giving Business Customers the ability and confidence to meet their tax obligations on their own, customers will feel support is tailored to their needs, available when they need it, and engaging to use 4
  5. 5. Our vision REACTIVE PROACTIVE RESPONSIVE Proving education to correct common errors by groups of SMEs Proving education to prevent common errors by groups of SMEs Proving targeted education to prevent predicted errors by individual SMEs 2011 10 20 KAN 201 2 A em ail 15 20 201 3 W eb inars My N E-L ew B u ear sine nin g Fully d educ igital ation Tax for My Business ss Soc k 72 1 330 k 2014 i al m Ou t cap bound abi lity email edia Assist ed digital 413 k Customer reach 713k 5 e tiv rac t e Int ten n co
  6. 6. Strategic objectives E01: Create a service business customers want to use by designing engaging and innovative help which provides recognisable value E02: Help business customers understand when they need help, giving them the ability and confidence to self-serve in meeting their tax obligations E03: Make more customers aware of the support that is available and how to access it E04: Support the less able in accessing an education service appropriate to their needs and ability 6
  7. 7. Customer reach • 718k customer reach target in 2013/14 • How we reach our customers • Where does email fit in • GovDelivery • Joined-up help across government 7
  8. 8. Joined up help Pyramid of Support Level 1 Awareness: Short YouTube clips, Twitter, Help Sheets Signposting Emails Level 2 Overview: One hour Webinar with Q&A, Long video clips Level 3 Hands-on: eLearning, webinars, interactive modules Level 4 Academic: Legislation, tax cases 8
  9. 9. Our email capability • Customer journey concept • What people need when they need it • What next? ……refining, expanding 9
  10. 10. Our email capability • How we use it: journeys and ad-hoc • What it looks like 10
  11. 11. Hello Subscriber, HMRC has developed a range of tools to support employers, and make tax easier, quicker and simpler for your business. Below are two resources that employers have found helpful for managing employee expenses and benefits: 1.Online seminars (‘webinars’) – pre-recorded videos lasting 30 minutes and live 60minute webinars, where you can ask experts questions. Find details on Expenses and Benefits for Employers and the full range of webinars today. 2.Toolkits – Each of our toolkits cover a different tax topic and contain a checklist that can help to prevent simple errors. Have a look at the 'Expenses and benefits from employment' toolkit today Finally, do you know that the Government offers support for firms that take on young people? The Youth Contract provides incentives for firms that employ an 18-24 year old who has been receiving benefits for at least six months through Jobcentre plus. 86% of employers involved in the Youth Contract said they would be likely to take on another person in the future through the scheme. Colin Ford: Head of SME Education
  12. 12. Our email capability • Use of Nudge • What we have learned through experiments 12
  13. 13. Subscriptions Performance since 1st July One 70 Hundred k Thousand Link clicks Record keeping app views 2,000 Additional YouTube views 16,000 1,000,000 Emails sent since 1st July 373k Emails opened 34% £8.3 million Additional Revenue Benefit £20 million 13 Additional Revenue Benefit forecast for 2014/15