GovDelivery User Conference                              C:>Going where the eyeballs are_                    Dave Worsell ...
It’s not me, it’s you...
It’s not me, it’s you...
They don’t hear you...
They don’t hear you...
In the key of E...
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Gov Delivery Introduction Dave Worsell


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  • Thank you NickFire exitsFire drill?Wireless NetworkHashtagSo many more than last year, lots of new faces from right across Government including Central and Local and into European agencies.Thanks for travelling so far I know some of you have travelled a long way and had really early starts which is why...
  • We don’t want this to be like other conferences Yawn – we’ve all heard it all before.This isn’t a conference about how “Great” Social Media is. Over the past few years I’ve been to lots of conference saying Social Media will be the savior of Government to Citizen communications. It’s not true (yet). Its been a huge distraction (so far).There are other technologies that work better.I want today to be about things that work now. Things that work really well now.
  • Not enough people use Government websites, Facebook page, Twitter or YouTube. Anything you do on your channels is irrelevent if you don’t have an audience.Today is more about building an AUDIENCE not building CHANNELS.The Keynote:LGiU has shown is that we need to think carefully about how your audience want to engage with youNot how you want to engage with them. Choose you channels carefully.LGiU has shown that the tools the public want to use to engage with you are being overlooked in favor of more shinny, cool, trendy social networking tools and the public aren’t engaging. As Neil Williams at UKGov said recently “Government would really be missing a trick if they failed to make more use of email”Any Cat lovers in the audience?
  • Without an audience no one can hear youUse stats here….800 Facebook, 100 Twitter, 2.1 billion web.Don’t let the numbers fool you – this isn’t your audience!They won’t come flocking to you just because you have a Facebook page or a Twitter channel! You have to promote your channels.People are happy to engage with government but want to set “rules of engagement”. Despite the huge benefits we can see if people engaged on social platforms the public aren’t so sure. Many want arms-length – professional engagement with government. They rarely want to be your friend – its not cool.We need to change that perception.Cat lovers look away now
  • Don’t worry – its not a real shoeEngagement needs a “Kick Start”. All though the tools are fantastic we are failing to get people to use them.Listen before you developDon’t overlook the obvious (old)Engage whenever, wherever possibleBuild your audienceShift channels, migrate your audienceSell the benefits not the technologyExplain why the public should engage and how it benefits them
  • Thanks to Nick at NAOSo many more than last yearSo many more new facesCollectively the government organisations in this room are engaging over 650k UK citizens each day on GovDeliveryEncourage you to talk and ask questions
  • Gov Delivery Introduction Dave Worsell

    1. 1. GovDelivery User Conference C:>Going where the eyeballs are_ Dave Worsell Director, Government Solutions Network: Password: 0207 993 5595 / 07500 902 516Version: 10th November 2011 #GovD11
    2. 2. It’s not me, it’s you...
    3. 3. It’s not me, it’s you...
    4. 4. They don’t hear you...
    5. 5. They don’t hear you...
    6. 6. In the key of E...