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Event One (Best in the town)

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Event One

  1. 1. Event One mission is to provide you more creative pleasurable, glamorous and booming Weddings, Birthday Parties, Private Parties, Dandia Parties and every type of events in people's lives, and those involved are often willing to spend a considerable amount of money to ensure it is organized as perfectly as possible. Strategy is our forte and we offer this unique service of giving total solution to our clients. Instead of getting a brief and working within the parameters given; we think out of the box and come up with strategic solutions. Event One is not mere movie-making or photoshoot company; we are the one who makes your event more creative, special and unforgettable. Our staff consisting of qualified & experienced professionals and equipped with latest apparatus covers your events so diligently and with great care that will touch your hearts. We do so not to earn money but to become the part of your family because we believe in values. With this approach, we remain in the corner of your loving heart, like the memories of the event, forever.
  2. 2.  To be the best in the field of Event organization.  Provide our clients a unique & creative events.
  3. 3. Ponds Mobile Saloon •Leveraging the brand •Skin testing and cleansing •4 channels in Karachi •4 channels in Lahore •3.1 million people contacted Walls Love Bug •Selling through a cafe on wheels •Multi-channel activation •Malls •Schools, universities and colleges •150,000 people contacted Knorr Weekend Magic •With “Chef Saadat“ •Apartments and Mohallas •Malls •4 channels in Lahore •Trial generation and recipe redemption Sprite 3G Sale Launch •Hits hard •3G cruisers, 4wheeles activation •Sample drive •Nationwide •1,200,000 contacts Sunsilk Style Squad •Mobile Salon •Hosted by Tariq Amin & Binish Mehmood •Hair washes and Hair do by Tariq Amin •Sec A+, A •Nationwide universities and colleges Energile Khabi Nahi Rukne Ka •Selling and sampling •Multi-channel activation •Schools, market places, malls, parks and offices •5 million samples •1.5 million people exposure
  4. 4. Lifebuoy Sampling •9 cities •Inter city buses, local buses and trains •30 days •5 million samples distributed Ponds Grooming Workshops •Community focused activity •Multi-channel approach •Vocational schools, apartments and colleges •26,000 target customers contacted Walls Campus Drive •Presence at colleges and universities •Selling activity •Interactive youth discussions •125 colleges and universities covered nationwide
  5. 5. Trade and in store Marketing Sunsilk Hair Repair System •Kiosk at Makro •Free hair wash •Selling and lucky draws •Exposure to 200,000 people •1000 people hair washed Blue Band Schools •1,500 schools visited •42,000 children •470,142 wrappers redeemed •310,422 gifts handed out •Activity repeated every year for six years Rafhan Party Crackers •Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad •1,600 schools visited •48,000 children •277,000 wrappers redeemed Stall Operations •Blue band in markets •Knorr in MT outlets •Rafhan in general trade outlets •Surf in general trade outlets
  6. 6. Viral Marketing Fair and Lovely Kismet Kay Sitaray •Scholarship program •52 cities covered nationwide •256 colleges visited •106,600 forms collected •263,000 students filled forms •Scholarships awarded to 100 students
  7. 7. Customer Marketing Unilever Food Solutions •Out of home channel •Eid activation at restaurants •Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad •Sec A+, A •3 days activation •20 restaurants per day per city •180 total restaurants •45,000 customers contacted Category Captain Program •Category captain for Dove at modern trade outlets •Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad •35 MT outlets covered simultaneously •Category captain for Ponds at Makro •Education and selling
  8. 8. Rural Activation Trade And Consumer Drive •20 mobile marketing units •Merchandising •Discount selling •Consumer promotion •Per day 60 outlets •Complete rural Sindh and Punjab •108,000 outlets covered
  9. 9. In-house Events & Corporate Events U Day •Campus drive 2006 •Expo center •Students from 250 universities invited Product Launch Rafhan •Traditional deserts launch •Nationwide presence •Sales representatives from all over the country U Careers •Career counseling drive 2007 •Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad •75 universities S.A.A.R.C Car Rally •Bangladesh •Bhutan •Nepal •Pakistan •India •Sirilanka •Maldives