Webinar presentation - overview


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Eventise is an innovative online event management platform that helps event organizers to manage and promote their events.

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Webinar presentation - overview

  1. 1. www.eventise.ae Online Event Management Platform Manage & Promote your event Hicham EL KADIRI - Executive Director Walid EL ALAOUI - Executive Director EL HADI NAKARA - Sales Manager Dubai United Arab Emirates Airport Free Zone www.eventise.ae
  2. 2. www.eventise.ae You are Professional Event Organizer Corporation MICE Department of a travel agency Non Profit Organization or Scientific society Event Venue • for your clients, like exhibitions, congresses, conferences... • for your employees or customers • Meetings and exhibitions for organizations including transfers & accommodation... • and meetings for your members • conferences and scientific congresses • and hold events and meetings You organize events You want to impress your attendees
  3. 3. www.eventise.ae Platform overviewPlatform overview Website generator Badging Participants Folders Page Registration form Widgets Attendee Account Participant Folder Site Visits Accommodation Customized Services Invoicing Reporting Event Web Marketing Main Eventise Features E-Mails Facebook TwitterYoutube DesignBadging Qr codes Print Photo Capture
  4. 4. www.eventise.ae Website generator Nice design Several languages Mobile compatible Event oriented Social networks Includes registration forms Create nice event website in a few minutes Website particularity
  5. 5. www.eventise.ae Website generator Create nice event website in a few minutes 1 Create an Event Choose a template Fill Event Information & Publish 2 3 Create & Publish Event Web Page in 3 easy steps Eventise Back Office - Website Generation
  6. 6. www.eventise.ae Website generator Create nice event website in a few minutes Samples of event web pages created in less than 10 minutes FCEMWorld Congress, Marrakech, MoroccoDubai Entrepreneurs 2013, UAE
  7. 7. www.eventise.ae Website generator Include original widgets in your Event webpage Youtube Google Maps Facebook Twitter Issuu Customized widget
  8. 8. www.eventise.ae Registration forms Comprehensive registration forms Registration Accommodation Sites visits Packages Customized Services Transport Vip Abstracts Workshops Quickly create registration forms Website generator
  9. 9. www.eventise.ae Comprehensive registration forms Customized methods of payment Credit Card (Online) Bank Transfer Paypal On site Customized Automatic E-Mail Confirmation Multi-lingual - Recap of services 1. Payment fees can be customized. 2. Possibility to use Eventise for free registrations Notes : Website generator
  10. 10. www.eventise.ae Attendee online account Attendees can log into their accounts ... ... in order to ... Change personal information Consult booked services Accommodation Upload picture / Take Photo Print E-Badge Website generator
  11. 11. www.eventise.ae Participants folders All Information about your attendees Eventise Vs Excel Sheets 1 2 3 Centralized Information Batch Processing Documents & Badges Generation Eventise Back Office - Participant Folder Bye Bye hundreds of Excel sheets !!! Process several files with one click Invoices, badges & other documents
  12. 12. www.eventise.ae Import event participants 1 Import Excel file 2 Assign services to participants 3 Start managing your event Registrations, accommodation, sites visits .... Participants folders
  13. 13. www.eventise.ae Hotels &Travel Content Propose Hotels with Ready Travel Content : Hotel Pictures Rooms Photos Hotel Description Hotel Location Itinerary Participants folders
  14. 14. www.eventise.ae Hotels Availabilities & Price Easily manage room stocks ... ... and room prices Participants folders
  15. 15. www.eventise.ae Manage invoicing What can Eventise do for you ? Generate Pro-Forma invoices Generate invoices Export invoice to PDF Send invoice by E-Mail Manage invoice payments Participants folders
  16. 16. www.eventise.ae Standard Reports Registration Accommodation Social Program Packages Customized Services Invoices Payments Export Formats Participants folders
  17. 17. www.eventise.ae Create your own report models Registrations per dates report type Choose your report type (registration, accommodation, visits , etc.) & customize it ! Participants folders
  18. 18. www.eventise.ae E-Mails & Social Networks Invite attendees Send newsletters Send post-event surveys HTML & WYSIWYG editor Measure campaigns Open & click rates Geographic statistics Promote through social networks Eventise Mailing Features Event Web Marketing
  19. 19. www.eventise.ae Design Professional Event Badges 1 How does it work ? Design Badge Types 2 Select attendees Eventise Badge Editor 3 Generate & Print badges Attendee, Exhibitor, Press ... 10, 100 or more than 1 000 Badge are created in PDF file Badges
  20. 20. www.eventise.ae Design Professional Event Badges Exhibitor badge Visitor badge Qr Code badge sample Generated Badge samples Badge with Photo Badges
  21. 21. www.eventise.ae Photo capture management Two ways to upload photos 1 2Browser picture ... ... Capture PhotoOr Badges
  22. 22. www.eventise.ae Support Live back office chat Eventise Engineers help you creating your website & managing your event step by step
  23. 23. www.eventise.ae Pricing How much ? Optional services : One to one meetings SMS campaigns Onsite services Module Price WebSite Generator 9 $ / event Registration 0.25 $ / Pr Accommodation 0.25 $ / Pr Packages 0.25 $ / Pr Customized Services 0.25 $ / Pr Bulk-mailing 49 $ + 0.25 $ /email Reporting Included with every module Advanced reporting 49 $ Customized Domain Name 199 $ White labeling (Your Logo) 499 $
  24. 24. www.eventise.ae Support Questions ? You can ask questions to the host by private chat
  25. 25. www.eventise.ae SupportContact us E-Mails & Phone Numbers Azur Systems DUBAI AIRPORT FREE ZONE BUILDING E 3, 4TH FLOOR                   P.O. BOX 54620                      DUBAI UAE T:+971 (0) 4 214 9028 F:+971 (0) 4 214 9501 Hicham EL KADIRI Executive Director h.elkadiri@azursystems.com Walid EL ALAOUI MRANI Executive Director w.alaoui@azursystems.com El HADI NAKARA Sales Manager e.nakara@azursystems.com For more information : Eventise: www.eventise.ae Azur Systems: www.azursystems.com