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The Effective Use of Social Media and Online Platforms in Event Organisation and Promotion


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The Effective Use of Social Media and Online Platforms in Event Organisation and Promotion

  1. 1. CONFEX Effective Use of Social Media and OnlinePlatforms in Event Organisation and Promotion Robin Brattel,, Mar 2013
  2. 2. BackgroundSetting the scene
  3. 3. Why am I here?@RobinBrattel – - 07944 444242CEO of• Organisation and promotion made easy for clubs, groups & events• Engage™ solves the problem of data and member management forassociationsFounder of• Connecting pubs with people• 100,000 unique visitors per month and rising• Monthly magazine going to 17,000 independent pubs• Apps on major platforms
  4. 4. A great case studyDo any of you know Paddy Cosgrove? No, me neither…But.In 2010 he started the Web Summit in his front room with 2 mates.And now in 2013 (he makes you believe) it’s THE go to web event inEurope…And the stats don’t lie –LAST WEEK 1600 people signed up for 2 for 1 codes for his OCTOBERsummit!Impressive stuff.
  5. 5. Focus on the USPContent – he created an event with great content to…“build something for the person I was: a startupentrepreneur with little faith in the value of events.”Clearly he’d spotted an opportunity, then surprisingly, he kept it lowtech…
  6. 6. How’s he achieved it?Email, yes email.He writes to me every week –sometimes twice a day – he keepsit brief but he makes the most ofwhat hes got for you.And why not? 90% of people haveemail accounts – it’s the best wayto reach everyone.
  7. 7. Paddy CosgroveHe keeps it brief but he makes the most of what hes got for you.He often writes – with no graphics, so no branding, nothing distractingmy gaze. Just a very simple update.
  8. 8. Paddy CosgroveIs it spam?I’ve never met him yet I’ve had 34 emails in 1 year!But he writes personally - and whether you love hisfamiliarity or hate it, you have to admire it.
  9. 9. Paddy CosgroveHe’s writing because he’s doing you a favour, right?I’m not sure:What it is though is engaging, a conversational tone.
  10. 10. Paddy Cosgrove
  11. 11. Paddy CosgroveAnd of course he uses Social Channels:
  12. 12. Paddy CosgroveIt’s going well enough that he’s spun a social event PUB SUMMITseries off his Web summit series.Literally brilliant.AND you might meet Zuckerberg there too!
  13. 13. Effective use of social media Before • During • After your event
  14. 14. First though what social media isused? 72% of event organisers see social media as very important What they use: – 84% Facebook – 61% Twitter – 42% YouTube – 42% Linkedin – 36% Google+ – 31% Blogs 78% of event organisers plan to use it more…
  15. 15. Before - OrganiseUsing social media can help you to• Collaborate – Partners – Colleagues – Reduce email volume by 30%!• Discover – Suppliers – Venues – 61% of people read reviews before making a purchase decision• List – On social media or use Eventility to reach them all – Create online content for distribution – 32,000+ events on Eventility
  16. 16. Before - Promote
  17. 17. Before - PromoteUsing social media can help you to• Engage – Create attendance chatter – Hashtags for suggestions for event – Will lead to social introductions – Target influencers; local/national/subject experts – 71% more likely to buy if referred to via social media!• Content – Release interactive content every week; Announce new speakers – Write to me every week; without branding! – Customer Service - Columbus marathon answered 151 questions in the week of the race on Facebook – Competitions to drive virality (gamification)
  18. 18. During - EngageUsing social media can help you to• Engage attendees & non attendees – Encourage posts via Twitter with hashtag - spot themes – Carry out interviews at the event with speakers/participants – Ask questions, generally that creates more engagement not less – Prizes – can encourage users – Live Streaming – YouTube means pre moderation is not possible
  19. 19. During - EngageUsing social media can help you to• Engage attendees & non attendees – Create social media rules! – Remember, it’s about quality of the engagement not the quantity – So – set guidelines, manage expectations, avoid arguments – Choose channels; Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Flickr/Pinterest/Vimeo/YouTube/Vine/ Tout don’t do them all – Pre/post moderation; pre is safest – Be human – sound friendly, helpful, make sure people can relate to you – Be responsive – people love to be acknowledged
  20. 20. During - Engage
  21. 21. Post – Extend the life Using social media can help you to • Extend the life of the event – Post event videos – reach the 800m unique users on YouTube – Blog – include photos and social chatter – Feedback – ask for it from attendees, ask questions about next event
  22. 22. The Google Glasses Future What’s coming
  23. 23. Just around the cornerIt’s all about the data• Glasses, Watches, Cars – We’ll be surrounded by data & content• Proliferation is alreadyhappening• Start thinking about yourevent content now to stay ahead• I’m already sat at the eventchecking data – soon it’ll be immersive.• The winners in this world willreach me no matter where I am
  24. 24. What works wellTools you should/could use
  25. 25. Tools you can useOther than the obvious Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Linkedin…Flickr is a great host for your photos – use it before, during and afteryour is great for networking – use it before the is great for collaboration – use it to share – is one of many sentiment tools you can use duringyour – is a good way to curate content during your event
  26. 26. Thank you for your time Robin Brattel 07944 44 42 42