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How to Increase Audience Engagement at Events


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This event2mobile presentation shares various tips and techniques to enhance audience engagement and ROI at events.

Published in: Technology
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How to Increase Audience Engagement at Events

  1. 1. A Bit About Me Passionate Blogger Digital Nomad Innovator - Social Content & Design Driven by Client Satisfaction Clients Serviced Events ● Singtel ● Singpost ● Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ● Click Asia Summit ● Web Summit ● SXSW For a Quick Chat with Kavita: Twitter: @write2kavita
  2. 2. There are many reasons for lack of engagement with delegates at an event...
  3. 3. Some of the obvious ones are: 1. Not enough marketing outreach of speakers and agenda 2. Limited opportunities for engagement at the event itself 3. One way communication by speaker to attendees 4. Nothing new when compared to the previous event 5. No clear outcomes defined for the busy attendee Will I make any interesting connections? Agenda looks like last years ! ho hum!
  4. 4. Importance of ‘Flow Experience’ To create audience engagement, it is important to create ‘flow experience’. It is defined as “the state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter; the experience itself is so enjoyable that people will do it even at great cost, for the sheer sake of doing it.” Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, distinguished Professor in Psychology defined this concept. Grab attention with games, quizzes & interesting activities Give chance for seamless networking among delegates Allow attendees to be an active participant in sessions How to create “Flow Experience” at Events
  5. 5. Pre-event marketing can set the tone
  6. 6. Digitally Connect to the Audience Event apps gives the flexibility to the attendees to get event details easily, create personalized itinerary and network. Build up the buzz around the event through regular content sharing in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.
  7. 7. Mobile App for Pre Event Marketing 1. Launch Mobile app about 6 weeks before the event 2. Enable attendees to get all event related info at one place including speakers’ bio, exhibitor details 3. Use EDM to not just send sponsors’ info, but also pre- event networking and meeting set up with delegates
  8. 8. Educate Delegates in Interactive Manner 1. Give the busy attendees the chance to make personalised schedule, check speaker bio & other details while on the move 2. Gamify the app to encourage users to do more 3. Push notifications for reminders, new updates
  9. 9. Technology can help you to drive more audience participation and generate higher revenue at your event.
  10. 10. Technology to Increase Audience Engagement Event Apps Social Media Connect The following technologies can help to enhance audience engagement: Event apps let audience to get information quickly, network with others and enjoy gamification. Integration with social media on the event app allow attendees to log in through the social media profile & share content.
  11. 11. Technology to Increase Audience Engagement The following technologies can help to enhance audience engagement: QR Codes iBeacons QR codes are machine readable codes for storing information. These can be used for various activities at events while event apps can be used to scan them. Beacons are small, smart objects that can be put on the walls of event venue. They send out bluetooth signals which app in the smartphone can capture & give information to the attendee.
  12. 12. So How Do Attendees Use an Event app ? Download the Event App Create Profile Learn Event Details via the App Share Content on Social Media through Event App Receive info from iBeacons on the event app at venue Exchange business cards & participate in games using QR Codes
  13. 13. Do something new to interest the delegates
  14. 14. Customise, Personalise, Be Creative 1. Leverage mobile app analytics of the past events to increase the activities that were popular 2. Be thematic in your mobile and digital communication with the delegates to have better recall 3. Customise the event app for a wow experience like share great content on the app, use the photo wall for some fun 4. Gamify learning or just have a cool slot machine interface if having lucky draws etc ! ( Only possible with apps such as E2M that offer a high level of customization) 5. Welcome users to the event with the use of QR code check ins
  15. 15. Get communication flowing both ways
  16. 16. Two Way Communication is easy-peasy with an app Instant polls or surveys to get real-time feedback. Passive listening is exhaustive . Interactivity is simulating. Take your pick on what your event should be doing ! Q&A during Sessions Allow audience to ask questions to speakers live! Instant Polls/Surveys
  17. 17. Activities to Draw Audience Interest Give timely updates of event activities and share content of sessions through app CMS. Promote networking through event app. In event2mobile app, attendees are auto-matched based on their personal preferences to make effective networking. Networking Timely Updates
  18. 18. Activities to Draw Audience Interest Allow attendees to upload photos and share with other delegates. event2mobile app has the Photo Wall feature enabling attendees to upload photos which in turn can be shown on giant screen present at event venue. Social Media Integration Photo Uploads Social media integration allowing attendees to share information/photos.
  19. 19. Automate Lead Generation 1. Capture leads at the trade show with no additional purchase or rental of hardware 2. Go green! Reduce printed materials at booths 3. Make newbies expert sales team members as well with full digital catalogue including video 4. Immediate follow up done to create maximum impact 5. Real-time lead generation tracking 6. No cost to event organisers & nominal fee from exhibitors
  20. 20. Use of QR Codes in Events 1. Promotion and networking 2. Used for gamification like treasure hunt or collection games 3. Dissemination of information and card exchange 4. Mobile e-commerce purchases 5. event2mobile app has the feature to scan QR codes and business card exchange using QR codes
  21. 21. Gamification can change the event experience completely 1. Gamification can boost active participation 2. Arrange games for better attendance 3. Help in knowledge retention and lengthen attention spans 4. Leaderboard appeals to competitive nature of people 5. Incentives not always have to be financial; it could be giving any privileges or access
  22. 22. iBeaconsTM Integration 1. Hyperlocal attendee behaviour analytics 2. In-depth floor analytics 3. Automated tracking 4. Push notifications, surveys & ratings 5. Promotion and advertisement 6. Gamification 7. Mobile app necessary for implementing iBeacons at events
  23. 23. So, what happens after the event ?
  24. 24. Keep Up the Momentum 1. Thank attendees through personalised mail 2. Ask for feedback 3. Share videos and photos of the event 4. Remain active in social media and build communities 5. Let people network, even after the event is over 6. Send mobile updates and push notifications
  25. 25. event2mobile Success Stories...
  26. 26. The leading software company wanted an interactive mobile solution for their Defy convention 2013. So E2M provided VMWare with a quick rollout: 1. Both iPhone and Android platform support 2. Custom made CMS 3. Flash based interface in the CMS 4. Photo wall sharing of user-generated photos 5. Options to add filter and captions to photos VMWare
  27. 27. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation required mobile solution for their Grand Challenges Annual Meeting 2014. So E2M provided them a customised app with: 1. Social media integration 2. News and updates when changes are made to an ongoing event 3. Personalised itinerary 4. Live Q&A for presenter/conference Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  28. 28. SingTel wanted a mobile app that could facilitate transfer of information and interaction between the organiser, exhibitor and attendees for their FMCC Event. E2M provided a solution which: 1. Allowed Exhibitors to generate leads easily 2. Tracked attendance via QR code scanning 3. Took inputs from delegates and exhibitors through surveys 4. Photo wall sharing of user-generated photos 5. Had user-friendly floor plans SingTel
  29. 29. SINGAPORENEWYORK 22 Cortlandt Street, Suite 1635 New York, NY 10007 USA Phone: +1 800 385 1422 Talk to us Our Global Presence Email: 168 Robinson Road, #12-01 Capital Tower Singapore 068912 Phone: +65 8428 4499 Faraday Wharf, Innovation Birmingham Campus, Holt Street, Birmingham Science Park Aston, Birmingham, B7 4BB. Phone: +47 (0) 465 77716 UK