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IIT Rpr eRev - Presentation by Dr. Daya Gaur


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IIT Rpr eRev - Presentation by Dr. Daya Gaur

  1. 1. eRevolution September 24 – 24, 20112011-9-24 IIT Ropar Ventures Program 1
  2. 2. Innovation ?
  3. 3. Quick Facts IIT RoparMotive: IIT Ropar provides science-based engineering education to produce qualityengineer-scientists.Departments: Chemistry, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering,Humanities & Social Sciences, Mathematics Mechanical Engineering, Physics.Infrastructure: 13 Lecture halls with seating capacity ranging from 40 to 120. Multi-media facility in each lecture hall. Classrooms connected to National KnowledgeNetwork, facilities for inter-IIT video conferencing.Laboratories: Three general computing laboratories. Four Electrical engineeringlaboratories. Four Mechanical engineering laboratories and workshops. 1 CAD/CAMlaboratory with 16 work stations. Two Physics laboratories. Two Chemistry laboratories. One Language laboratory.Collaboration: MIT, Purdue ,Simon Fraser, Imperial College, Aston Univ., Univ. ofStrathclyde, Univ. of Glasgow.2011-9-24 3
  4. 4. ● Research @ IIT Rpr Quantum optics and quantum control Archival research on history of Low energy ion beam physics and education materials modification History of political philosophy Polynomial representation of non- Renewable energy compact knots Heat transfer Unknotting numbers Nanofluids Surface engineering and friction stir Material processing welding Manufacturing Supra molecular synthesis and Microstructure property relationship materials chemistry Composites Catalysis and Nanochemistry Adaptive signal processing Modeling vitamin B12 Wireless communication Bioinformatics Copyright IIT Rpr9/24/2011 4 Ventures Program
  5. 5. MOU between IIT Ropar, Punjab INFOTECH & PAN IIT2011-9-24 5
  6. 6. PDI Fund @ IIT Ropar•Innovation Council of Punjab, support from PTU•Governed by an eminent board, the PDIF will fund up to 20projects in the first two years.•Average contribution to a project would be Rs 10 lakh.•A partnership between the industry, academia with a strongcase for commercialization•Industry partners are expected to provide matching funds forprototype development.•Value chain: Expression of interest->Application->ReviewModel-> Board decision2011-9-24 6
  7. 7. PDI Fund Positioning Kanpur-SIIC, Madras- MSMEIVF, Golden Jubilee TePP, NIF/MVIF, SRISTI, Alumni Fund, GIAN, SEVA, RIN………. Bombay-Heritage Fund, ………. Seeders, i2India, GrowVC, Mumbai Angels, Hyderabad Angels, Technovate, Indian Angels Network, Morpheus, Epiphany……….2011-9-24 7
  8. 8. Incubation Center (plans)In ICT and Electronics.Experts available on-site and Virtual mentoring (possiblythrough PAN IIT network).Help with development and protection of intellectual property.Financial support to be made available.Mentoring through successive stages of the commercializationprocess.