Residential Addiction Treatment for Men


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A brief overview of residential addiction recovery programs for men: what they are and why they work.

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Residential Addiction Treatment for Men

  1. 1. Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Men How it works and what you need to know to live a life free of addiction
  2. 2. Why Residential Treatment? The methods of treatment and recovery from the disease of addiction are ever evolving. Gone are the days when addiction treatment was seen as an acute problem with a 28-day rehab. All the latest research shows that a long-term continuum of care is necessary to effectively treat alcoholism and drug addiction. Recovery from alcohol and drug use and abuse is a process that treats the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the Every man deserves to discover new hope individual. In a non-judgmental and loving and meaning for his life, to heal the pain of environment, with guidance tailored to each his past, to find personal growth both individual, it is possible to rediscover a life emotionally and spiritually, and to again path that is free of drugs and alcohol. become a responsible, productive member of the community.
  3. 3. Why Men’s Only Treatment? “Recovering men know this path is not always easy. We usually talk about the benefits of recovery and the many promises of the program. Today, in our fellowship, we talk of the challenges we must face in order to recover. Honesty may be the greatest challenge. It is frightening to be honest with ourselves about things we have never really admitted or faced before. We are part of a large movement of men committed to recovery, and this quiet moment is one way in which we are simply putting one foot in front of the other.” Men and women have different emotions, perceptions and From Touchstones: motivations, and need recovery paths A Book of Daily Meditations for Men specifically designed to address their ©1986, 1991 by Hazelden Foundation. needs, challenges and addictions.
  4. 4. Treatment Process The residential addiction treatment and recovery program is structured as a four – six month program and consists of three primary components: 1. A safe, supportive, structured, drug and alcohol- free living environment where the client is immersed in sobriety as a way of life and surrounded by a group of his peers all with the common goal of acquiring and maintaining sobriety. 2. Group sessions led by certified addiction counselors with varied life and scholastic experiences in a non-judgmental, loving atmosphere. quot;My life can only be described as amazing. I have so 3. Participation in the recovery community and many blessings. I have friends that truly love me for attendance at 12-step meetings everyday develops who I am and would do anything for me. My a sense of ownership for one’s own recovery and often leads to opportunities to give back to the relationship with my family is better than it’s ever recovery community. been. I have true purpose in my life and can’t imagine it getting any better than this.quot;
  5. 5. Your New Path Restore your relationships, revive your dreams, find joy in every day. Live a life FREE of Drugs, Alcohol and Addiction with ongoing support: • Relapse Prevention – an integral part of the recovery process developed to give you tools for staying sober even in the midst of depression and challenging times • Transition Planning – an in-depth plan used in conjunction with the relapse prevention plan to address ongoing recovery needs and to foster a smooth transition to the next phase of your recovery “Life is infinitely simpler these days. For the first time • Aftercare – once you have successfully completed the in my life I am comfortable in my own skin. My residential program, you should continue attend ongoing relationship with my family is better than it’s ever group therapy, outings, and events which will solidify your sobriety and offer hope to others on their journey. been. I have more fun now than I ever have before - real fun! I live life without being chemically dependent and relish the fact that I remember everyday with a clear mind.”
  6. 6. What is Purple? Purple, Inc. is a residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment center for men in North Atlanta, Georgia. We are committed to helping addicted men and their families create new, happier lives through sobriety. Our recovery methods are based on personal, real experience, our staff members are engaging and genuine, and our success is tied directly to our clients’ success Purple is an exclusive color, mystical in quality, blending combating addiction. the two extremes of the spectrum, red and blue. Traditionally, purple represents splendor, dignity, royalty, rank and wealth. Purple is a unique color and it is a truly unique individual who holds it dear.