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Engage121 - Who we are and what we do


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Engage121 - Who we are and what we do

  1. 1. Who we are and what we do
  2. 2. Who are we? SaaS Provider • London, NYC, Chicago, Amsterdam Norwalk CT (HQ) • Founded 1998, Profitable, Diverse and mutually supporting businesses • We now serve… 300+ enterprise and corporate clients; which includes over 6,000 local outlet accounts, representing over 22,000 active social network connections currently being managed.
  3. 3. What are they saying about us? Sept 2010: Launched Engage121 Oct 2010: Mashable “Top Five SMMS for Business” Nov 2011: Mashable Finalist, Digital Company of Year May 2012: Gartner; Cool vendor “Customer Service and Social CRM” Now: Local Social platform expanding through EMEA
  4. 4. Our Clients
  5. 5. Social CRM – End-to-end Solution  Planning: Integrated workflow & project mgt.  Explore: Monitor the Social Web  Listen: Hear local customers, influencers  Care: Respond to customers quickly  Speak: Engage people locally, one-to-one  Publish: Campaign management & apps  Evaluate: Measure and analyze your efforts
  7. 7. Rating and Review Sites
  8. 8. Facebook Ads. Allows our users to launch an on-target, on budget Facebook Ad with every post. SocialFlow integration. SocialFlow’s real time feedback helps you create relevant content and time your posts to resonate with the current social media buzz. Traackr integration. Traackr helps you engage the people who are engaging your audience by using keyword searches to identify the influencers in your space. Clarabridge integration…
  9. 9. Text analytics Monitoring Language, Sentiment  Clarabridge – best of breed analytics software  Sentiment & NLP across 10 languages  Ability to custom define searches for detailed monitoring (search with search)  Organize & direct content by type to appropriate teams (customer care, product feedback etc.)
  10. 10. Profiling & Defining Influence
  11. 11. Multi-Brand Dashboard Deliver a robust enterprise-level social media management solution, including:  The ability to manage multiple brands/teams/locations and all of their social networks in one place - Monitoring Publishing Listening Facebook Advertising and promotional/lead capture apps  Setting compliance guidelines, permissioning and approval chains  Enabling management of projects, groups, teams, tasks and customer service
  12. 12. Permissioning – Flexible Controls Workflow Management: Start by managing your teams Permissions  The ability to control the type of access and functions available to team members - Intern Community manager Moderator Content creator Analyst Manager  Define & modify roles easily and cascade them across the organisation Engage121 permission dashboard
  13. 13. Asset management: Library for content Add/Manage your assets in Library (Images, Content and Video) Create a New Library Denotes a Locked library that you can not edit; however you may use these assets Add a New Asset Click to View Library To post assets to Facebook you must first upload the files to your Library, you may also create as many Libraries as you need. To upload new assets you can either Create a Library or Upload, then Name your file and select what type of asset it is.
  14. 14. Speak: 1-2-many publishing
  15. 15. Speak: Flexible templates for page app creation Completed Page Page Layout: Choose # of Open Frames
  16. 16. Campaigns: Creating, tagging & reporting Create campaigns, tag posts and content to particular campaigns & watch the campaign dashboard track your results.
  17. 17. End to end workflow: Planning tools for teams Your Engage121 Calendar (Planner) helps you, manage your posts, projects, tasks and quickly view all that is happening in one, easy to use panel.
  18. 18. End to end workflow: Tasks and communication An internal communication and work flow improvement resource. Which gives you the ability to assign tasks, direct message, and approve/decline content.
  19. 19. Multi-view: Continuous moderation of multiple channels Panel View This link delivers an expanded quick view of all of your listen filters.
  20. 20. Workflow: Quickly see team workflow Quickly see where colleagues have responded or engaged with the community & click quickly through the conversation for context
  21. 21. Workflow: Assign content within a team Individual Post from a User you are connected to. Assign Button allows you to pass content/tasks to other team members
  22. 22. Keep on top of workflow: Alerting •Workflow: Manage any of your Alerts or Add a new Listen Alert Click Here to Preview the category Alerts Every Alert can be edited by clicking the blue arrow on the right side of each category, then by clicking the Name of your Alert. (This applies to Explore, Listen and Evaluate) When you select the Name of your Alert, you may edit all options as shown here In this section, you can also add a new Listen Alert. Simply press the Add an Alert button. (Explore and Evaluate Alerts must be Added within those Tab sections)
  23. 23. On the Go
  24. 24. Local Social Engage121 Local Social was specifically designed for organizations with distributed sales mechanism’s like wholesalers, franchises, branches or stores. Enterprise Branding, Hot Content, Promotions, Apps Rules & Permissioning Publish directly to brand SM networks Performance Reports on Usage, Community Growth Branches/Outlets Publish directly outlet SM networks
  25. 25. Guy Timson - Business Director Direct Dial: +44 (0) 1306 646791 Mobile: +44 (0) 7885 025755 Office: +44 (0) 1306 646750