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PEC Brochure May 2011


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Brochure template design for mailer campaign May 2011.

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PEC Brochure May 2011

  1. 1. SERVICES OFFERED: WHO WE ARE: LET US HELP YOU 2011 ALTA / ACSM land tle surveys Specialize in tle review / compile data on complicated sites Fannie Mae - Freddie Mac Survey requirements U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Develop- Mastery, in the planning and engineering services PROVIDE QUALITY SERVICE TO ment - HUD Surveys and Inspec on Reports offered at Planners and Engineers Collabora ve, GPS (Global Posi oning System) surveying Inc., has been and con nues to be our tradi ons YOUR CLIENTS! for over 49 years. Our clients, ranging from Survey Robo cs Boundary surveys private developments in all sectors to public YOUR PROJECTS! Topographic surveys government work benefit from our firm’s Title Research / Title Review mul -disciplinary approach. TITLE RESEARCH / TITLE REVIEW Tree surveys 2011 ALTA SURVEY / ACSM As-Built survey We adhere to the philosophy that the professions Accident Site surveys of Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture, EASEMENT PLAT / EXEMPTION Stream / Wetland surveys Wetland and Stream Consul ng, and Land PLAT Preliminary Subdivision plat Surveying are closely related and are more Final Subdivision plats effec vely coordinated by a single firm. AS-BUILT SURVEY Exemp on plat FINAL PLAT SURVEY Easement plat “We Provide Solu ons” innova vely is at the Legal descrip ons forefront of our business model. PLUS MORE... Preliminary Plat surveys Survey services offered to Developers, Builders, Title Final Plat surveys Planners and Engineers Collabora ve, Inc., Companies, Law Firms, Banks, Lenders, Federal / State / Construc on layout / staking licensed in 12 states, has an accomplished Local Governments and virtually anyone who is associated Services from Mul -family / Single-family, Retail, por olio of diversified experience with Single with real estate transac ons . Mixed-Use, Commercial Family / Town Homes / Mul -Family residen al, Includes parking decks, structural walls, and geo- Student Housing, Tax-Credit Housing, DCA piers for soil stabiliza on Housing, Federal / State / Local projects, Spot Eleva on Commercial / Industrial / Mixed-Use proper es, U lity loca on (above and below ground) Water / Waste Water, Medical / Office / Health Sight Distance surveys Care and Senior Living projects, Roadway surveys Right-of-Way survey and staking and U lity surveys. Cemetery Plot layout FEMA Eleva on cer ficate “WE PROVIDE SOLUTIONS”*All Georgia surveys are on Georgia State Plane For More Informa on ContactCoordinate Systems. PLANNERS AND ENGINEERS Jonathan Howard (*We offer surveying development packages Bill Kelly ( Start to Finish. COLLABORATIVE, INC. 770-451-2741 350 Research Court Norcross, Georgia 30092
  2. 2. REDEVELOPMENT OF 86 ACRE BROWNFIELD SITE ALONG THE CHATTAHOOCHEE RIVER IN COBB COUNTY, GEORGIA Planners and Engineers Collabora ve, Inc. services for this project: ◊ ALTA / ACSM Land Title Survey ◊ Boundary Survey ◊ Field Run Topographic Survey / Aerial Topography ◊ Visible U lity and Tree Loca on Survey ◊ Stream & Wetland Delinea on / GPS Stream & Wetland Survey ◊ Civil Engineering ◊ Landscape Architecture