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Sea Change: How Social Media Has Changed the Educational Landscape


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Presentation at National School Public Relations Association July 2010

Published in: Education, Technology
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Sea Change: How Social Media Has Changed the Educational Landscape

  1. 1. Sea Change: How Social Media Has Flattened the Educational Universe Evelyn McCormack NSPRA 2011
  2. 2. The Back Channel: Today s Meet Keep the conversation going at nspraseachange
  3. 3. Today s Wiki: Let s Keep it Going!
  4. 4. What We ll Cover in 60 Minutes • The Power of Social Media/Good, Bad, Ugly • YourTools: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn • The Second Phase: Connecting Your Social Media Efforts
  6. 6. THE GOOD...
  7. 7. Joplin Schools Post-Tornado
  8. 8. The Bad... •  If I stab someone, no one s going to tell me it s a knife problem. At the end of the day they re just tools. How we use them will determine what happens. -- Peter Shankman, social media consultant for Fortune 500 companies and NASA.
  9. 9. The Ugly....
  10. 10. THE STATS
  11. 11. Where Are Parents Getting TheirSchool Information? •  According to Ipsos North America s December 2010 poll: •  57 percent go to Facebook/ Twitter •  26 percent go to District website
  12. 12. Social Media Tools: The Short List News In News Out RSS feeds Facebook Google alerts Twitter Online LinkedIn subscriptions eNewsletters Phone/email alerts
  13. 13. Facebook •  1. Created 2004 •  2. 512 million active users; 250 million log on daily •  3. 100,000 users age 64+ •  4. 310,000 users between 45–63 •  5.300,000+ businesses now have FB fan pages, including hundreds of school districts •  6. 100,000+ have FB on mobile devices •  7. Use to drive traffic back to website, post photos, videos, news, announcements.
  14. 14. State Education Departments Maryland, Kentucky, California, Arizona, Massachusetts, Indiana, Michigan, Arizona, South Carolina, Georgia, Iowa, etc.
  15. 15. PUBLIC EDUCATION OFFICIALS Oklahoma State Superintendent School Superintendents of Alabama
  16. 16. Lawrence, Kansas Candidates for 4JSchool Board inEugene, Ore.
  17. 17. School Districts on FB Joplin, MO 4,300 followers Queensbury, NY 948 followers
  18. 18. Guilford County, NC 4,700 followers Edgemont, NY 450 followers
  19. 19. Add tabs 1,300 fans, 1 year, 6 months
  20. 20. Cross-promote on Facebook
  21. 21. Facebook Insights Number of page impressions
  22. 22. Apps on Facebook Twitter on Facebook allows you to post your tweets on Facebook simultaneously. The Selective Tweets app allows you to selectively post tweets on your FB fan page using #fb. Free to install on fan pages.
  23. 23. Twitter •  1.Microblogging platform in 140 characters or less •  2. Launched 2006 •  3. 106 million registered users •  4. 65 million tweets per day •  5. 750 tweets per second •  6. Use to post news events, share links photos
  24. 24. State Education Depts. on Twitter U.S. Indiana Michigan Ohio Idaho Michigan Kentucky California Massachusetts Minnesota Vermont Iowa Colorado Alabama Texas Education Agency Maryland South Carolina Arkansas Florida Georgia West Virginia Illinois Arizona
  25. 25. Twitter Apps Post photos on Twitter. Install on your mobile phone. Seesmic (and other management tools) allows you to monitor severalTwitter Facebook accountsat the same time. Also allows you to schedule tweets.
  26. 26. School Districts on Twitter Garden City, Long Island SWBOCES Park Hill, MO Duval County Schools, FL
  27. 27. Get Listed: Twitter Lists Lists of tweeters in common – educators, schools, etc., curated by one person. Thousands of Twitter Lists exist; to get listed, simply follow the list. Great for networking, getting ideas. @mclobridge/ed-communications @schoolpr/ k12schools
  28. 28. Twitter Terminology The Twitter Help Center can assist you with terminology like#hashtags, @ symbols, and how Twitter works in general.
  29. 29. allows you to search for hashtags or trackconversations based on hashtags. This conversation is about #nspra11.
  30. 30. Twitter Anatomy # of people you follow; your followers Suggestions on who you What s trending/what might want to follow people are talking about The wall
  31. 31. Were you there?
  32. 32. YouTube -- Video sharing website -- Launched 2005, bought by Google in 2006 -- 2 billion+ viewers a day -- More video uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than all 3 major networks created in 60 years
  33. 33. YouTube Dublin, CA Schools OneDublin Sioux City SD Schools SiouxCityCommSchools
  34. 34. Wisconsin Department of Instruction WisconsinDPI 83,000 video views Guilford County, NC Schools GCSchoolsNC 19,000 video views
  35. 35. Build a Channel Ohio Hi-Point: 70 videos posted 3,600 channel views 12,000 video views White Plains: 12 videos posted 908 channel views 2,200 video views 1. Turn off comments on your channel andeach video after uploading. 2. On profile page, include district logo,mission statement, address, website,contact info. 3. If there is too much concern aboutYouTube, Vimeo is a free alternative.
  36. 36. The Second Phase: Connecting Our Social MediaEfforts Linke Text Links to social media Testimonial videos from alumni
  37. 37. Denver Academy YouTube videos on Facebook
  38. 38. Featured Video Rotates White Plains YouTube tab Made with: YouTube for Pages app provided by Involver
  39. 39. White Plains City Schools Facebook Welcome Page made using Involver (free)
  40. 40. Customized Tabs and Apps for Facebook: Third-Party Tools Sites allow you to add free apps,and have Basic plans that permit you to add apps to 1 or 2 fan pages, or limit the number of apps you use.
  41. 41. The Facebook Like Button The FB like button allows readers who are on FB to like the article. My decision to like a page shows up in my FB feed
  42. 42. Like Button Code html! head! Fill in here with a title for your page, ie, titleMy Great Web page/title! SWBOCES grad video /head! body! iframe src=! scrolling=no frameborder=0! style=border:none; width:450px; height:80px/iframe! /body! /html! replace with URL of your webpage
  43. 43. The AddThis Button AddThis gives you html coding to insert at the end of information you ve posted on your website. People can click on buttons to generate more traffic. Here s what it looks like:
  44. 44. AddThis Choices
  45. 45. Connect Your Accounts... Share your activity with your FB, Twitter accounts Go to Account Settings, choose Activity Sharing
  46. 46. Promote Your Social Media
  47. 47. Blended Pages Facebook page link Blog Feeds Featured YouTube Video Twitter Link I Am CPS, the blended social media page of the Cincinnati Public Schools
  48. 48. At bottom of Ohio Hi-Point website home page. Feeds fromall Ohio Hi-Point s social media sites.
  49. 49. Northfield Mount Hermon s NMH Book NMH blog posts Facebook Feed Flickr photos Twitter Feed YouTube Videos
  50. 50. Beg, Borrow, Steal... EdSocialMedia YouTube Edu Green Charter Schools Steal ideas from independent private schools, universities, and charterschools. They re more proactive on social media than public schools.
  51. 51. The New LinkedIn •  85 percent of human resources people to go LinkedIn first when looking for a job candidate. •  85 million members •  200 countries •  LinkedIn now has Jobs, Company pages, Groups, and Questions feature.
  52. 52. LinkedIn: Company Pages Other SWBOCES 1st person to click on edit tab canemployees in my network begin to edit the company page
  53. 53. 1. Go to Overview page 2. Under Company Pages Admins, choose Designated Users Only 3. Choose Publish 4. Add company Twitter blog feeds to the page
  54. 54. Caveats Advice •  1. Contact Twitter, Facebook, YouTube to report fake accounts, spam, inappropriate comments. •  2. Develop social media strategy/policy, if you don t have one. •  3. Write disclaimers/guidelines for use and post them on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube pages. •  4. Link to disclaimers and guidelines from website home page. •  5. Conduct public presentation about how district is using social media. Preferably, at a school board meeting televised district- wide. •  6. Turn off comments on YouTube channel and each video posted
  55. 55. News In and Monitoring Tools
  56. 56. RSS Feeds Readers Category pages Individual feed boxes, which can be moved around, deleted, moved to another category. Sign up for free iGoogle account and get RSS feeds from your fave sites
  57. 57. Other Feed Readers Netvibes My Yahoo
  58. 58. RSS Bottom of NY Times home page NYTimes Education Feed Look for this symbol
  59. 59. google alerts Sign up to receive email alerts anytime your district is mentioned on the web. Alerts summary for White Plains schools Enter search term in box, decide frequency, and choose create alert.
  60. 60. The Future? They do the work for you.
  61. 61. Email/phone alert companies are now offering Facebook and Twitter integration to help push out messages, news, announcements
  62. 62. Great Places to Visit •  Our Wiki •  SchoolMessenger s Facebook 101 Guide •  Mashable s Guide to Twitter •  Mashable s Guide to Facebook •  Facebook in Education Guide • evelynmccormack
  63. 63. Remember... •  Government should be transparent, with information about agency operations and decisions available to the public online. •  Government should be participatory, tapping the collective expertise of the American public in government decision-making processes. •  Government should be collaborative, using technology to share cooperate with other -- Barack agencies, businesses and non-profits, and the Obama s Open public at large. Government Directive
  64. 64. Evelyn McCormack 914-592-4203 ext. 3412 Twitter: @evelynmccormack