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Certified Audit of Circulations, Inc. (CAC) was established in 1956 to provide an objective verification of circulation claims for the benefit of media accountability and transparency of advertising investments.

The company is governed by a Board of Directors representing national advertisers, advertising agencies and publishers proving an organizational structure that demands the highest circulation auditing standard. CAC is a premier, IFABC accredited, national auditor of paid and free print media in addition to being the nation’s largest provider of market research and delivery verifications for the Yellow Pages industry.

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About CAC

  1. 1. Certified Audit of CirculationsQuality auditing. Mark of integrity. Value since 1956.
  2. 2. Welcome to CAC In a rapid ly changing econom ic environm ent, the ad vertising com m unity need s the best possible knowled ge to m ake inform ed m ed ia buying d ecisions and to com pete effectively. C e rtifie d Au d it o f C ircu latio n s ( C AC ) w as e s tab lis h e d in 1 95 6 to p ro vid e ano b je ctive ve rificatio n o f circu latio n claim s fo r th e b e n e fit o f m e d ia acco u n tab ilityan d tran s p are n cy o f ad ve rtis in g in ve s tm e n ts . C AC ’s fo ru m ad ve rtis e rs , ag e n cie san d p u b lis h e rs p ro vid e s a p re m ie r p latfo rm m an d atin g n o ve s te d in te re s t in th eo u tco m e o f th e au d it fin d in g s .C AC is a p re m ie r, I FAB C accre d ite d n atio n al au d itin g an d re s e arch o rg an iz atio no f p rin t m e d ia.C AC is th e n atio n ’s larg e s t p ro vid e r o f m ark e t re s e arch an d d e live ry ve rificatio n sfo r th e Ye llo w Pag e s in d u s try.
  3. 3. CAC Board of DirectorsThe Board of Directors is 2/3 advertisers and agencies and 1/3 publishers. Each board member plays a critical role in maintaining the high standards and sound practices, upon which the organization was founded. CAC Directors are leaders in their fields and serve for the benefit of media accountability.Marsha Lawrence Best Buy CompanyDave Gusse NSA Media CorporationBarry Schiro CBA Industries, IncRobert Uccello CVS PharmaciesDebra Crawford Berry NetworkJanice Lucente Allstate InsuranceBob Brown  Swift CommunicationsJon K. Rust Rust CommunicationsGreg Bogich ValassisKathy Heatley Starcom MediavestMike Gugliotto Pioneer NewspapersLaurie DePaola Fred Myer StoresMatt Gunderson Kohls Department StoresSteve Pope Freedom Communications  
  4. 4. Why Audit Circulation“If your publication is not ABC or CAC audited, you will havea tough time showing up on Best Buy’s radar screen.” Marsha Lawrence Best Buy Co.• The circulation audit is the most important step in providing analytical data about the publication’s value as an advertising medium. • The audit substantiates that the publication indeed has the circulation and the audience that it claims.• It helps the media buyer gauge reach, see who the publication reaches, categorize geographic distribution, and other relevant information.• A valid circulation audit is conducted by an outside third-party, not-for-profit auditing company, governed by the print advertising community.• Meeting all requisites for IFABC accreditation (www.ifabc.org) to ensure no vested interest in the outcome of the audit findings. 
  5. 5. The CAC Difference"We support CAC for the following reasons: CAC is a not-for-profit organization governed by the print advertising community. The non-profit structure insures no vested interest in the outcome of the audit findings. All audit rules, bylaws and company operations are established by a vote of 2/3 advertisers, 1/3 publishers and CACs financial reporting is overseen and audited by a Board appointed auditor. CAC’s sole mission is to provide objective, accurate and reliable circulation data to aid in informed media buying."  Dave Gusse NSA Media_______________________________• CAC has a reputation of integrity, quality and value since 1956• Accurate, objective and uncomplicated, full-disclosure reporting formats• All print-media products qualify• Exceptional customer service. • Timely release of audit reports and   publisher’s statements. • Advertisers, agencies and publishers author and oversee auditing procedure, controls, reporting and print-media research guidelines• IFABC accredited
  6. 6. The Anytown NewsDaily newspaper(front page only; the report also details breakdown of circulation by ZIP) Contact Information
  7. 7. Wonder what it’s really like to work with CAC? We could tell you. But we think it’s better to hear it straight from our members. “We rely on certified circulation data when placing advertising in any type of publication. CAC provides data we trust.” - Marsha Lawrence, Best Buy Company "Our transition to CAC has allowed for greater flexibility and sizable expense savings. All of this without sacrificing our audit integrity". - Michael Theriault , Sun Journal “Media Generals North and South Carolina Community Newspapers are excited to be working with the staff at CAC to provide our customers with trustworthy data. To a person, Circulation Directors in this group have a new sense of enthusiasm with regards to growing paid circulation volumes and a fresh confidence in knowing the staff at CAC is always ready to assist with new programs to assure compliance”. -Curt Moon, Media General “Because of CAC’s full disclosure reporting format where ‘if it is distributed it counts somewhere on the audit,’ the mentality in our circulation department has evolved from one of accounting and compliance to innovation and strategic partnering.” - David Ogle, Truth Publications “The CAC circulation audit is a critical step toward increasing advertising revenue.” - Renie Scibona, Independent Newspapers “CAC audit is just as valid as ABC’s. CACs audits, like ABCs, are based on tracking real dollars for real papers.” - Dolph Tillotson, Southern Newspaper GroupTo find out about CAC, call 973.785.3000 or email esodt@certifiedaudit.com
  8. 8. The CAC Readership ReportThe CAC Newspaper Readership Study was designed as a supplement the audit report. Featuring a standardized format, this survey provides a credible, consistent source of readership, readers per household and retention for all participating CAC audited publications. Customized market information is available upon request.General Overview The methodology for all CAC surveys is based on guidelines established by standard research procedures, CAC Audit Rules and industry consultants. Each CAC Readership study is conducted under a rigorous set of methodological and procedural controls. All studies are conducted from the CAC corporate offices in Wayne, New Jersey under the direct supervision of Research Department staff. Each study sample encompasses all households within the Publishers defined circulation area. Participants are selected at random with each household within the market area having an equal chance of being selected. Where applicable, a minimum and equal number of male and female adult respondents will be interviewed, and a proportional formula applied (based on total circulation within ZIP codes) to ensure a high degree of statistical validity and market representation. All studies must meet the industry research standard of 95% confidence level. 
  9. 9. CAC Market ResearchInformation really is power in todays competitive marketplace. CAC Market Research conducts demographically enhanced market studies upon your specific requests.  Whether you need to know if your publication is delivered properly or which segment of the population uses it the most, CAC provides answers to critical business questions that can help you link ideas and data in new and creative ways. The end result? Knowledge of your market will position you to compete effectively, understand your audience, identify needed product or organizational changes, and ultimately, strengthen your bottom line. CACs Market Research Division applies decades of direct industry experience to each project undertaken. Our bi-lingual staff conducts a full range of standard and customized projects in areas that include:  – Verified Distribution Information  (Yellow Pages, Flyers, Samples, Catalogues, Guides, Magazines, Coupons, Promos) - Total Audience –Insert Delivery Verification –Awareness, Attitude and Usage  –Product Distribution  -Customer Satisfaction –Bi-lingual Research Services –Demographic Data –Alternate Delivery 
  10. 10. Membership BenefitsCertified Audit of Circulations audits circulation for the benefit of the advertising community. The company upholds the highest auditing standard in reporting circulation.  Advertisers receive:•   Audit Reports•   Publisher’s Statements•   Redi-Reference: circulation database•   Redi-Reference on a CD-Rom•   On-line access to CAC data•   Market Research Information•   Market Research Services Publishers receive:•   Third-party circulation/distribution    certification by an advertiser governed           organization.•   Circulation information of other CAC    and ABC members•   Standards of measure and     comparability •   Resourceful asset allocation/Savings•   Market research services_________________________________
  11. 11. Management Team Contacts:Mark Stoecklin, CEO, Ext. 131,mstoecklin@certifiedaudit.comDebbie Maragoudakis, Audit Director, Ext. 123,dmaragoudakis@certifiedaudit.comDave Roe, Director of Operations and Technology, Ext. 121,droe@certifiedaudit.comEvelina Sodt, Director of Marketing, Ext.124,esodt@certifiedauidt.comMichele DellaPorta, Research Manager, Ext. 129,mdellaporta@certifiedaudit.com Certified Audit of Circulations (CAC)155 Willowbrook BlvdWayne, New Jersey, 07470973.785.3000info@certifiedaudit.com