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Reading and comprehension worksheet


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Published in: Education
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Reading and comprehension worksheet

  1. 1. ar SCHOOL _______________________________ Name: _______________ Surname: ________________ Class: _____ Date: __________________________________ Worksheet # _____ Are these sentences True or False? Correct the false ones. 1. Mary’s surname is Garden. _____ _____________________________ 2. She’s hates History. _____ _____________________________ 3. She’s got big eyes. _____ _____________________________ 4. Janet is a student. _____ _____________________________ 5. She’s a single woman. _____ _____________________________ 6. Eva Garden is ten years old. ____ _____________________________ 7. She doesn’t like sports. ____ _____________________________ 8. She is an English old woman. ____ _____________________________ 9. Carol is a teenager. _____ _____________________________ 10. She’s fat. ____ _____________________________ Hi! I’m Mary Stuart. I’m tall, slim and young. I’ve got small dark eyes and short curly red hair. My friends call me Red, because of my hair, of course. I’m a German girl who loves school, specially History. Hello! I’m Janet Bird. I’m a teacher of English at St. Peter’s school. I’m tall, slim and middle-aged. I’m a married and I’ve got two children: Mia and Tom. I’ve got long, wavy red hair. I’m American. Hello! My name is Eve Garden. I’m 15 years old and I’m a very good student. I like sports very much. I’m short and slim. I’ve got short straight red hair, but my friends say I am pretty. I’m English. Hi! My friends use to call me Carrot, but my name is Carol Smith. I’m 13 years old and I’m from Australia. I’m tall and slim. I’ve got short, curly dark hair. I like playing the piano and going out with friends.
  2. 2. Read the texts again and answer the following questions. Give complete answers. 1. What’s Mary’s surname? _____________________________________________________________ 2. Has she got big dark eyes? _____________________________________________________________ 3. Where is she from? _____________________________________________________________ 4. What’s Janet’s job? _____________________________________________________________ 5. Is she a fat woman? _____________________________________________________________ 6. How old is Eve Garden? _____________________________________________________________ 7. Does she like sports? _____________________________________________________________ 8. What nationality is she? _____________________________________________________________ 9. Is Carol fourteen years old? _____________________________________________________________ 10. What is her hair like? _____________________________________________________________ Complete the questions with suitable question words. 1. ___________ is Mary Stuart? She’s a German girl. 2. ___________ is Eve from? She’s from England. 3. ___________ is Eve? She’s 15 years old. 4. ___________ do Mary’s friends call her Red? Because of her hair colour. 5. ___________ is Janet like? She’s tall, slim and middle-aged. 6. ___________ does Janet go to school? She drives to school. 7. ___________ do classes start? At nine o’clock. 8. ___________ is Mary’s birthday? It’s on 2nd April.